Healing Gift Articles
Healing Gift Articles
Healing Gift Articles

Healing Gift Articles

Articles to help you express your infinite potential

These articles for your healing gift are full of practical and profound wisdom shared by a Master Healer. They are especially designed to help you explore your healing gift for the benefit of yourself and for the benefit of humanity. If you wholeheartedly practice the teachings shared here, you will truly be tapping into and awakening your healing potential – the healing power that is within every human being.

So dive in and explore, and see where your passion can take you!

2021 Events Postponed

As some of you may have noticed, for what we hope will be the last time we have postponed our 2021 events back to 2022.

3 Steps to Heal The World

Master Sri Avinash shares 3 simple steps to heal the world. The method he shows is so simple and so achievable that it's ingenious.

Understanding Your Soul Purpose

What is your soul purpose? Can your job align with it? This insightful response from Master Healer Sri Avinash takes the worry out of trying to figure it out!

Dealing with Negative People

Dealing with what may be called 'negative people' can be difficult. Here, Master Healer Sri Avinash shares the simple truths on how to remain strong and unaffected by any other person.

Do we need to help humanity?

It's natural for us to help humanity - the whole of nature is serving Creation, and in the same way, our hearts naturally love to help. And when we practice self healing, our power to help is maximised.

Meditate, Exercise, Eat, Serve

What’s it like to live with an enlightened Master? Well, it is full of magic and mystery but it is very similar to how every one of you are living your lives out there in the world.

Can we recover from trauma?

In this inspirational article, Master Healer Sri Avinash shares that it IS possible to fully recover from trauma. All we need is training, self-effort and time.

How to heal the planet

We all have what it takes to heal the planet, and in this article Master Healer Sri Avinash shares that it may not be in the way we expect.

Tears From A Bull

Living with the Master | "Yaaaaama! My darling!” Sri Avinash would call out from the back deck. “Yaaaaaama! My darling, hello Yama.”

At the feet of the Master

Living with the Master | "Devika you’re just in time!” Sri Avinash exclaimed as I walked through the door. His eyes were bright with excitement...

The Spirit of the Sun

Living daily life with Master Sri Avinash, it becomes clear that he sees the spirit within all things. One day he shared about the loving spirit of the sun, and how it can be used to cleanse our negativities.

The Master and the Bull

A disciple's journey, Living with the Master | There is an undeniable purity and magic about Sri Avinash that is like a magnet for all creatures...

Together We Prayed, and the Rain Came

An inspiring description from a senior disciple, sharing of Sri Avinash’s prayers in January 2020, to bring rain to ease the Australian drought and devastating bushfires. Share the joy of seeing the rain return!

Understanding Thoughts

In this letter, Sri Avinash explains how thoughts trigger emotions and uncontrollable emotions create feelings of suffering. So, to end emotional suffering we must learn switch off thoughts.

A Little Prayer

A disciple's account of living with the Master | My healing journey with Sri Avinash began, like so many others, right from the first time I met him...

No Ordinary Gift

Living with the Master | It was unusually quiet in the office, and as I turned to Sri Avinash’s desk I could see that he was focusing intently on something in the palm of his hand...

The Sacredness of Life

This is a written account of verbal advice given by Master Sri Avinash to a young student who was experiencing relationship difficulties.