Article: Heal with Energy | The Essential Mindset of an Energy Healer
Article: Heal with Energy | The Essential Mindset of an Energy Healer

Heal with Energy

The Essential Mindset of an Energy Healer

We all have the power to heal with energy. Besides practicing energy healing with the correct techniques, having the correct mindset will set you on the path of progress where the sky’s the limit.

In this article, Master Healer Sri Avinash shares that to be an effective healer we need to have the mindset that what we see, will be. Learn how to develop and apply this essential mindset for amazing results.

Healing power is in all of us. So there’s no reason why other people can’t heal the same as I do. I am healing people with all sorts of physical and mental conditions, and I know that there’s no reason why other people can’t do that too. 

I’m not just healing one-on-oneI’m also healing groups of 400 or 500 people in a hall. In a one-hour session I’m healing back pain, shoulder pain, headaches, knees and all sorts of things for the group of people.

Or, if not in a hall, I’m sitting on my seat at home healing people all over the world at the same time, through the One World Healing webinars.

Can an energy healer really do this?

Sometimes people write to us saying it’s all lies, but these are not lies. You can read the comments of the people who actually receive healing, and you can see they have had amazing results, including via webinars and video replays.

I understand why some people say it’s all lies, because they don’t believe it. They feel, “How could it be possible?” But in my mind there’s no reason why you can’t heal like that! There’s no reason why. Everyone can heal like me. 

So the potential to heal with energy is there, but in this article I’m going to share with you what makes the difference.

To heal with energy, confidence is key

The potential is there in all of us, but the difference is this. When I send healing energy or intention towards someone, they might be across the globe, they might be in a group, or it might be one-on-one. But I know when I send the energyto their heart, to their shoulder, to their brain, to whereverwhen I send that energy, I know it has reached there. 

Then I see it clean and clear and heal and get better and slowly come to perfect, perfect, now, now, now. Yes, perfect now. Yes, now. Beautiful.

See, I’m seeing that, but the difference is I believe that.

If I don’t believe I can heal with energy, nothing is going to happen.

The faith of an energy healer

Can you understand what I’m saying? Nothing is going to happen if I don’t believe that. 

The people living with me are watching me do this and they’re practicing themselves, and over time they get better at healing too. Because the more you see, the more you have conviction.

No one who lives with me thinks, “Your healing is all lies,” because they see me and they see people get well. They see it all the time. It has become normal. It’s like a Vietnamese eating white rice—it’s normal. It’s nothing special.

So, the difference is conviction.

Increasing our faith to heal with energy

To have that conviction as a healer, you have to learn from someone who has that conviction.

In other words, you have to witness miraculous energy healing like that with your own eyes.

What people call miraculous is not really miraculous. Actually to me it’s totally scientificI can see there’s nothing miraculous about it! I can see it happening, and it’s nothing, it’s normal.

It looks miraculous because not many people can do this. But I’m trying to change the world so that everyone will hopefully one day know that healing with energy is normal stuff!

So the main thing is to develop that conviction, and when you witness someone doing it right in front of your eyes, it does something to you.

Becoming a Great Healer Masterclass

In the Becoming a Great Healer Masterclass people actually witness my live healing demonstrations. They watch me heal people and I show them what I’m doing right in front of their eyes. They say things like, “Oh my God. I can’t believe I just saw that! Oh my God!”

It’s almost like they are wondering, “Is this real?” So they speak to those people who received the healing, and the people tell them, “Yes! Yesit’s real! It’s real!”

When they witness that, it does something to them. Immediately they develop the conviction that it’s possible. Read testimonials from Masterclass graduates here >

So firstly, you need the conviction that it’s possible. If you think it’s not possible, forget about healing! You must think it’s possible.

Then the next step is to progress to thinking that this is normal. That it’s just like breathing. To heal someone, to get someone well from your energies and your pure intentions—it’s normal. You want to move towards that.

Overcoming doubt

If you want to have that conviction, that confidence to heal with energy, then you need to remove your doubt. The only difference between me and everyone else is that they doubt. I don’t. I don’t doubt.

If I heal someone and they haven’t healed perfectly yet, there’s nothing wrong. I don’t think, “Oh my healing is not working.” No! I just know they need more healing, and I know they’ll improve. There’s conviction in me. There’s absolutely no doubt about that.

So that’s the difference. When you understand that, it’s fantastic. It’s beautiful, because you know you can do this! You know you can do this. You’ve just got to let go of that doubt.

Within every human being, God created us with this power that what we see will be.

What we picture, what we see with our conviction, will become reality. We have that. 

The difference is doubt. So just remove that doubt! Clear that out!

Guidance and practice to heal with energy

And you clear that out by watching great Masters heal in front of you and then by practicing how to heal. Practice to do that on yourself and others, and before you know it you see, “Wow, this is working!”

Then you get better. It’s your craft. You do more, more, more. You get better, you get more conviction. You do more. You get better. You keep seeing, “Wow it’s working!” You do more, more, more. You get better. That’s it!

And when you have no doubt, then you’ll be able to do absolutely miraculous energy healing. That’s it. Simple!

If you have ever thought of becoming a healer or if you are already a healer, the Becoming a Great Healer Masterclass is an essential energy healing course to learn how to heal the world, your loved ones or yourself.

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This article is based on a transcript from a live video teaching given by Master Heale