Article: 3 Steps to Heal the World
Article: 3 Steps to Heal the World

3 Steps to Heal the World

In this letter from Master Healer Sri Avinash, he shares 3 simple steps to heal the world. The method he shows is so simple and so achievable that it’s ingenious.

Reading time – 5 Minutes

Before I start writing this letter I would like to take a moment to send all my love to you and your loved ones. I pray and hope that you find the strength for peace and comfort in the challenging times that our world is currently going through.

When I take a look at our planet I see such a magnificent and wonderful planet that we all have taken citizenship of. On the one hand there is such magnificence and on the other such pain and sorrow in almost every person, like wounded souls that are calling for comfort and crying out not only for human love, but also for Divine love.

When I look into the heart of humanity I know we all want a better future, a peaceful world. We want a world of understanding and goodness, where there is love and respect, where there is peace and good health. Not a world of inequality, injustice, loneliness, sickness and hunger, pain and suffering.

I really think that our amazingly beautiful planet deserves amazingly beautiful human beings.

When our hands and hearts unite and work together globally with pure intentions and noble pursuits, we can achieve anything. Indeed we can achieve greatness.

But greatness cannot come if we are all wounded, our world truly needs to be healed. We can’t expect an injured bird to take flight before it is healed. We all need healing, humanity needs healing, mother earth needs healing, animals need healing.

Personally I have thought through this deeply. Day and night, I have wondered how this healing can take place. My chain of thoughts go like this, firstly we need a healing method:

  1. That actually works.
  2. That is easy to implement.
  3. That everyone can get access to irrespective of who they are, for the financially poor, for the rich, for the leaders, for the sick, for the healers, for all.
  4. That can be accessed from anywhere in the world and any time of the day.
  5. That is easy and simple to do so even a 5-year-old child could do it.
  6. That is universal and non-sectarian so that there won’t be racial, religious or any other barriers preventing access to it.

Three solutions came to my mind of how the world can be healed.

The first solution that came to me was to create many pre-recorded videos where I perform energy healing for different physical conditions, mental illnesses and emotional and spiritual imbalances. In these healing videos I give specific instructions for the divine energies to heal whoever will be watching these videos.

Put simply, the divine energies will know who is watching and will locate and heal them while they are watching the videos at any time in the future.

I have provided these healing videos as a free resource so the whole planet can access it for free. All a person has to do is press the play button and feel themselves receive the healing. Because the nature of the healing energy is cumulative, one needs to watch these healing videos on a daily basis to maximise the healing power and effectiveness.

Thousands and thousands of people all over the world have already benefited from these healing videos. They are so effective that when people are able to access them, it becomes part of their life like going to the gym. They are so beneficial irrespective of who you are and where you’re at on the journey.

I pray that these divine healing energies will serve you and humanity well.

A second thought was to share with the whole world effective self-healing techniques that absolutely anyone can quickly learn and apply. From this perspective, I have created videos to show step-by-step how to make use of the Self-Healing Mantra and how to do breath meditation properly. Another powerful practice that I have shared is the Wonderful Being Practice to shift a person’s vibration and help the remembrance of their perfect being nature. All of these resources are free for anyone in the world to access.

My final thought was the need to provide training, guidance and inspiration for healers and aspiring healers all over the planet.

My reasoning for this is two-fold. First is to ensure the world has enough healers to heal those who are unable to heal themselves. And second, to ensure that the knowledge of this incredible healing method is preserved for future generations to access, and not lost.

For this reason, I have created what I call the Becoming A Great Healer Masterclass — online and also at live events — with healers and aspiring healers in mind. I am in particular fond of the online version of this Masterclass, because I have poured my whole heart into it, sharing all my secrets of healing for the healer’s benefit and success in their healing endeavour.

What’s great about the online Masterclass is the fact that healers can watch it again and again to deeply study and perfect their practice, and all at their convenience.

This Masterclass provides amazing knowledge and is all the knowledge a healer needs to become a great healer. All it takes is to have a dream and a willingness to dive in and pour their whole heart into it. It’s such a soul-quenching and sacred journey.

I know in my deepest of hearts that the combination of these three solutions can transform and heal the whole world.

It’s not whether it works or not but who will take action when the opportunity presents itself.

I know that these methods work, but like everything in life it takes dedication and effort to apply.

Oh how much I’d love for our planet to heal, for the pain and suffering of humanity to end, and goodness and joy to beam through every human heart. I know the day will come, and the night of sorrows will soon come to an end. From the bottom of my heart I pray that divine love will awaken in all of your hearts and that we will all share in a world that shines with peace and rains endless blessings.

With much love,

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