A Little Prayer

Living with the Master

Tuesday 1st of October 2019, South Australia, Australia.

My healing journey with Sri Avinash began, like so many others, right from the first time I met him. It was a warm spring evening when Sri Avinash was giving healing blessings (also known as Darshan) to all who came to see him at a free program in Sydney. 

Those of you who have received Darshan will know that Sri Avinash will hand out a little lolly as a gift at the end of each person’s healing blessing. That night I was lucky enough to sit next to Sri Avinash and put the lollies in his hand for him to give out. What an experience that was! 

He blessed person after person for hours on end without so much as shifting in his seatI had never seen anything like it in my life before. I was mesmerised and it struck a chord deep inside me because it was such a loving, compassionate and selfless gestureI guess I wasn’t accustomed to seeing such an action. 

Casting my eyes over all the people in the queue, there was a mix of emotion written across people’s faces. Some looked hopeful, others were in awe, but the bulk seemed lost in their own thoughts, weighed down with a heaviness of energy and a dark shadow across their faces. 

One by one they kneeled in front of Sri Avinash, and as he placed his hand on their heads I could see they were experiencing something powerful and profound. Some shed tears, some smiled, and all of themwithout faillooked up at Sri Avinash at the end with eyes full of love and gratitude. 

“What was going on here?” I wondered, I was so new to this! When my turn came, I felt waves of warmth and calm flood my being, and I walked away feeling refreshed, like awakening from a sweet sleep. 

But the most surprising thing happened afterwards. 

As I was driving home that night, I was turning the steering wheel and all of a sudden I noticed my wrist. There was no pain in my wrist. You see, the repetitive strain injury in my wrist had gotten to a point where it was so painful that I couldn’t even use my mobile phone, and I was preparing a pain-management plan at work because using the mouse and keyboard were becoming unbearable. 

So, you can imagine my surprise when I was using my wrist to do a three-point turn with no problems whatsoever. The pain in my wrist simply vanished and has never ever come back.

Another time, while living at the monastery, I developed a belly ache and went to lie down. Sri Avinash heard that I was feeling unwell and fetched me a glass of coconut water. I accepted and drank it, and instantly the belly ache disappeared. It sounds like magic doesn’t it?

I can tell you, it wasn’t the coconut water that made me feel better, it was something Sri Avinash didthe power of his prayer, of his wish, cured me. 

I jumped up and carried on with my day as if the belly ache never happened. 

He has cured many headaches and upsets of mine, dispelled nervous energy, picked me up when I’ve felt down.

Not long ago, I had developed a funny rash on my temples for a few monthssmall little blisters that didn’t hurt or anything, but never seemed to disappear. Over lunch one day, I mentioned this rash for the sole purpose of finding out if anyone had experienced the same thing. 

The next day, it was gone. 

“What happened?” Prema asked me.

“I didn’t do anything,” I told her, “All I did was mention it to Sri Avinash over lunch yesterday and this morning I woke up and it was gone.”

I asked my Master, “Did you do something?”

“I may have said a little prayer,” he replied, with his usual humbleness and non-fuss. 

A little prayer. Can you believe it? A little prayer of his was all it took.

Devika Visintin

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