Best of 2020: Our 5 most popular videos

These are the top 5 videos that brought peace, healing, hope, wisdom and insight to people all across the globe during this difficult coronavirus year.

Best of 2020 : 5 most popular videos

Guided meditation for anxiety

Use this healing guided meditation for anxiety to bring yourself back to your natural state of inner stillness. Feel the peace of the authentic nature sounds, and receive healing energy for your nervous system throughout the meditation.

Guided meditation for anxiety

“Thank you so much! I watched your video “The Secret to Accessing your Divine Power” yesterday, tried it out on my husband’s broken tailbone & this morning he bounced out of bed with no pain! You are so amazing.”

– Jen Bell

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Featured Videos

The Secrets of healing - An interview with Master Healer Sri Avinash

The Secrets of Healing – An Interview

The secrets of healing are demystified in this amazing interview with renowned Master Healer Sri Avinash. Tapping into the mind and heart of a world healer, this interview explores his remarkable healing power and sees Master Healer Sri Avinash share the essence of his healing method.

Sri Avinash The Healer

Sri Avinash – The Healer

Sri Avinash’s rare healing abilities have benefited thousands of people worldwide. His healing has helped people overcome all sorts of symptoms and conditions, both physical and mental. Watch as every day people describe their experiences of healing with Sri Avinash.

Mark’s Testimonial

Mark suffered intense neck pain and headaches for decades, until he received group healing at an Awakening Love and Joy Retreat with Sri Avinash.