Heal Yourself, Heal the World

Free Virtual and In-Person Events

Heal Yourself, Heal the World - free virtual events
Heal Yourself, Heal the World - free virtual events

The healing and insights from these free events are a rare offering and an amazing opportunity to help transform your life in our current challenging and fast-paced world. We open our hearts and welcome you to join us, and people from all over the world, to these wonderful events.

The School of Enlightenment

Master Sri Avinash's School of Enlightenment
Master Sri Avinash's School of Enlightenment

The School of Enlightenment is for those who have a deep desire to fast-track their spiritual transformation, and are yearning to attain the perfect state of enlightenment.

The more you experience the perfect being that you are, the more magical your life will be.

The program offers 1-year memberships, with 15 virtual sessions over 12 months. Since it is an ongoing program you can register anytime throughout the year.

Healing Videos

Related videos: healing videos for specific conditions
Related videos: healing videos for specific conditions

Enjoy this ever-expanding video library of healing videos for different conditions, physical, mental and emotional – including anxiety, headaches, insomnia, back pain, COVID, cancer and many more.

“I fell out of a vehicle when I was 18… My neck is always sore, but now I’ve got no pain, I’m sitting up straight. His healing is something next-level, it’s off the planet!”


“You’re witnessing miracles… This weekend, again and again and again, I witnessed people being healed.”


“Meeting Sri Avinash is a must. Such profound, simple wisdom, that everybody needs to hear and feel and experience.”


“Since I met Sri Avinash my life has begun to change! His healing videos have become a miracle for my spiritual transformation journey.”


“It’s energy and it’s beautiful and it’s healing, but it’s actually also so much fun. His sense of humour really makes the whole experience.”


“I just didn’t expect it to work… It’s not often that you see miracles! It was quite amazing, it’s taken me to another level in healing myself and others.”


“My chronic physical pain has diminished by 70% and I am calmer, finding more peace and acceptance daily.”


“Mind-blowing… It’s amazing how many people he can heal at the one time.”


“That power, the feeling of Satori, that’s just out of this world. A life-changing experience.”


“He has the amazing ability to connect at a level where he is amongst us. He’s not on a pedestal, he’s one of us, and I feel like he turns himself inside out for us.”


“During my toughest days, the Universe was talking to me through Master Sri Avinash.”


“I’ve had acute back pain for nearly 2 years. I’ve tried everything, but after one group healing with Sri Avinash I have no pain. My whole being has become light.”