Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Sri Avinash?2022-04-07T19:18:38+02:00

Sri Avinash is a non-sectarian spiritual Master and renowned healer. Regarded by many as a Bodhisattva, he is a Buddha of Compassion who chooses to return to the world again and again until all living beings are free from suffering. He is a beautiful role model of peace, love and service to humanity.

His Mission is to help people all over the world achieve true inner peace—the peace that is lasting, the peace that is uplifting, the peace that you take with you everywhere you go. With a heart of compassion, he travels to various cities offering retreats and healer training, and also hosts free webinars to share his healing gift and teachings for the benefit of the world.

Sri Avinash’s rare healing abilities have benefited thousands of people worldwide. His healing has helped people overcome all sorts of symptoms and conditions both physical and mental, such as back pain, cancer, strokes, insomnia, depression, anxiety, multiple sclerosis, liver conditions, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, migraines, heart murmurs, stomach ulcers and much more. What makes his healing really special is the fact that he is able to heal large groups of hundreds of people at once, with astounding results.

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What religion is Sri Avinash?2021-07-11T23:48:10+02:00

Sri Avinash is a Vietnamese born Spiritual Master and Bodhisattva, embodying the compassion of all Buddhas.

His way is non-sectarian, which embraces all religions.

Sri Avinash says, “My religion is the religion of compassion, goodness and love for all humanity.”

How can I meet Sri Avinash?2022-04-07T19:41:45+02:00

Sri Avinash tours to many cities around the world and he also hosts virtual events, so the best way to meet him is at these events. See the Event Calendar here >

You can also meet Sri Avinash at his free Heal Yourself, Heal the World virtual events.

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What is the best way to receive healing and teachings from Sri Avinash if I live far away?2022-05-14T16:15:58+02:00

Sri Avinash tours to different cities in different parts of the world and he also hosts virtual events, so you can meet him at these events. For a list of upcoming events in your region, see the Event Calendar here >

If you are not able to attend one of these programs, you may wish to attend Sri Avinash’s free Healing and Wisdom virtual events. Check out the upcoming free healing events here >

If you need healing for specific conditions, we have a growing number of healing videos for specific conditions

We also invite you to immerse yourself in Sri Avinash’s free resources. The website provides free resources that have been put together for you, and his products are available for purchase at our shop >

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Which of Sri Avinash’s events is right for me?2022-04-07T19:36:58+02:00

Master Sri Avinash offers Free Healing and Wisdom virtual events, Healer Training Masterclasses, Events and Retreats for Inner Transformation and Intensive Healing Retreats. Each event is designed to offer immense benefits, depending on your needs and interests.

See here for a short summary of these events, so you can understand more about what will fit your needs. From here, you can then explore the event pages, with more detailed information like retreat programs, course outlines, dates and locations.

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What is the essence of Sri Avinash’s spiritual teachings?2022-04-07T19:43:26+02:00

To Sri Avinash, meditation and selfless service are like the two wings of a bird that will take us to the goal of permanent happiness.

He teaches that the mind is the cause of all disturbances and unrest, so controlling the mind is essential to peace, happiness and spiritual advancement. He emphasises the importance of regular and consistent meditation to quiet the mind, increase tranquility and build inner strength. When a seeker’s practice is successful, the feelings of happiness and inner fulfillment naturally arise.

According to Master Sri Avinash, the aim of meditation is to be fully aware of the present moment. When the seeker’s awareness is in the present moment, and they are fully aware of that, this state is known as satori. Satori is a temporary state of enlightenment and it is not possible for emotional suffering and disturbance to occur during that state. Furthermore, having a taste of this creates a critical benchmark that will guide the seeker’s future practice.

The second fundamental teaching of Sri Avinash is selfless service. This practice is most dear to him because of its power to open the seeker’s own heart and others’ hearts at the same time. This process awakens love in the seeker and dissolves their ego over time, eventually leading to the remembrance of their divine nature.

Irrespective of what method of spiritual practice a person chooses, Sri Avinash teaches that with effort and grace, together with the personal guidance of a Self-realised Master, the goal of enlightenment can definitely be attained.

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What is Sri Avinash’s Satori Transmission and how can I receive it?2022-04-07T19:28:47+02:00

Satori is a Japanese Buddhist term for awakening or enlightenment. One of Sri Avinash’s gifts in this lifetime is his ability to bring people to the satori state. This transmission is very profound and an extremely rare blessing from a Spiritual Master. In the past it was only given to very close and trained senior disciples.

Master Sri Avinash feels that it is vitally important that all spiritual seekers be able to experience satori—the temporary state of enlightenment. This experience will tremendously accelerate the seeker towards the spiritual goal. A major reason for this is that once a person tastes this state, they will have an unforgettable personal reference of what enlightenment is, which then becomes a benchmark for their spiritual practice. In addition, their soul awakens to a remembrance of its true nature, pulling the seeker unstoppably towards freedom and enlightenment.

Sri Avinash’s purpose for the satori transmission is twofold. One is to help spiritual seekers accelerate towards the goal of enlightenment, and the other is to help raise the consciousness of the planet, which will happen naturally as each individual’s vibration increases.

He offers the Satori Transmission at the Awakening Love and Joy Retreats and at the Satori Transmission Retreats. For more information about these retreats, see the Event Calendar here >

See what people say about the amazing Satori Transmission in the testimonials here >

We also have a beautiful video interview with Sri Avinash about his Satori Transmission Retreat.

Where do the funds from Sri Avinash’s programs, services, events and donations go?2021-07-17T21:46:48+02:00

Sri Avinash’s Mission is 100% volunteer-run, with no paid employees. Sri Avinash is also a volunteer. All income received from programs, services, events and donations goes towards the running of the Sri Avinash Do Mission.

No income from donations or the sale of programs, services and events is distributed to any individual, including Sri Avinash. All funds help to contribute to the realisation of the vision of the Sri Avinash Do Mission.

What is meditation and why is it beneficial?2021-07-11T23:55:02+02:00

The word ‘meditation’ refers to both the meditation state and meditation techniques. Meditation techniques are tools that help us to experience the meditation state.

The meditation state is a state of deep relaxation and freedom from suffering, which is the ultimate goal of the spiritual path. There are many effective meditation techniques, such as breath meditation, mantra meditation, chanting, walking meditation, sound meditation, mindfulness meditation and Sri Avinash’s Holistic Meditation Technique.

Sri Avinash teaches that ‘emotions follow thoughts like a shadow’. From this, we can learn that disturbing emotions are triggered firstly by thoughts. The thoughts may be, ‘I am not loved’ or ‘You should not do that to me’ or ‘I have to achieve success.’ Whatever the thoughts may be, if a person is experiencing negative emotions, the origin can be traced back to thoughts.

When this is understood, the benefit of meditation techniques becomes quite apparent—if we practice to control or switch off our thoughts, then the corresponding negative emotions can be overcome. This means the power to end our suffering is within our own hands, to the degree that we are able to master our thoughts.

So meditation techniques are tools to practice mastering our thoughts by bringing us, again and again, back to our point of meditative focus, whether it be the breath, the sound of the mantra we are chanting, or the object of our prayer, etc.

Sri Avinash teaches that as we bring our focus to this point of concentration or present moment, thoughts cannot enter at the same time. From this, we can see that the more we build our muscles of concentration, the more we will be able to maste