Article: Understanding Thoughts
Article: Understanding Thoughts

Understanding Thoughts

A letter from Sri Avinash

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My warmest greetings to all of you. In this letter I’d like to share about the nature of thoughts. We can minimise our own suffering when we have a sound understanding of thoughts and how to stop thoughts.

In order to live a happier life, or a life with less emotional suffering, it is critical that we understand the cause of suffering. We have been taught that emotional suffering is caused when we experience unfavorable circumstances and events in our lives. However there is something missing that we have not been taught. Something that always occurs in between the unfavorable events and the emotional pain… Thoughts!

When we experience events such as relationship traumas and break ups, physical confrontations or financial difficulties, thoughts will trigger corresponding emotions.

We feel emotional suffering when we are not able to shake off the unfavorable emotions, such as jealousy or sadness or nervousness.

When we feel trapped in these emotions for only a few minutes, it’s not such a big deal. For example, when we feel trapped in the forest for only a few minutes, it’s not such a big deal. But when we feel trapped there for a day, a week or a month, then it becomes a massive problem.

Similarly when we feel trapped in the emotion of sadness for a few minutes, it’s quite OK, and can even be enjoyable at times. But feeling trapped in the emotion of sadness for a week, a month or a year, is not great fun. It becomes unbearable. Sleepless nights kick in, our vitality is drained and we feel uncomfortable in our own skin.

So, thoughts trigger emotions and uncontrollable emotions create feelings of suffering. Now, how do you end suffering? If you wish to end emotional suffering in your life you must search for the switch that will switch off thoughts. Once the switch is found all you have to do is reach towards it and switch off the thoughts.

When you are able to master this art of harnessing or controlling thoughts, you will be free of all emotional suffering.

Then the tail is no longer wagging the dog but the dog is now wagging the tail.

When we adventure through life knowing that we are able to switch off our thoughts and emotions at will, then life becomes truly magical.

Article: Understanding Thoughts

Relationships become fearlessly loving and all interactions with life become a great joy, a great celebration.

Many have heard of this, some have embarked on the journey, few have mastered the path. One Master said that to master this art of thought control, you will need more courage than a warrior on the front line of a battlefield. Because a warrior may see their enemy, but your thoughts are hard to see because they are invisible.

You cannot use your normal eyes to see thoughts, so the eyes of awareness are needed to light the pathway.

May you embark on this beautiful journey and be able to share your inner jewels and treasures. And may this in turn spark a few hearts to embark on this great adventure.

Love and blessings,