Healing Gift Article: Understanding Your Soul Purpose
Healing Gift Article: Understanding Your Soul Purpose

Understanding Your Soul Purpose

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Master Sri Avinash takes the worry out of trying to figure out your soul purpose and whether you can align your job with your soul purpose. He explains what our deepest soul purpose actually is, and shares insight about what it means to live in line with that totally, in all aspects of our life.

What is your soul purpose?

Your soul purpose is to experience your magnificent self, your highest energy or qualities, while going through the context of life.

In other words, your soul’s purpose is to come here to enjoy the adventure of life by going through the ups and downs, but being untouched by the circumstances.

It’s like a champion tennis player on the courtthey just enjoy the beauty of the game. It’s like they’re playing on their own, there’s no crowd. And suddenly it’s announced, “Championship point Roger Federer! Game, set, match.” He wins the point and the game is over. For him, it’s just a joy.

So, we’re meant to go through life like that. To go through the ups and downs and the confrontation and the rudeness. We’re here to face the physical problems and the people screaming at us and financial loss and relationship break-up. That’s the challenge aspect of life, but life is more than that.

There’s also the glory of seeing a newborn; or seeing black cockatoos flying across the sky, making that beautiful, historic sound; seeing the beautiful ocean and hearing the sound of the waves; and feeling the warmth of the sun at the end of Winter, when it’s still a little bit coldthat’s Divine!

Being unaffected by life’s ups and downs

We’re here to go through all of that and to feel unaffected by it, particularly while we’re facing the challenges. So if someone is rude to us we can feel joy.

When Roger Federer is losing by one point, 5-6 down, and it’s his second serve, will he feel nervous? No, he’ll compose. Then, bang—he serves an ace! The score is back to deuce.

In the same way, we are here to conquer the challenges we face.

We can feel peace and joy in the moment that someone screams at us. And compassion and understanding, because there’s a reason why someone screams at us. The person has their own issues, handed down fro