Article: How to become an energy healer
Article: How to become an energy healer
Article: How to become an energy healer

Become an Energy Healer

Energy healing is something that we all have the power to do, and it is a powerful and beautiful gift to use on oneself, a loved one or for the benefit of humanity.

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How can I become a healer?

To become an energy healer you’ve got to love it. You’ve got to love to sacrifice your life, love to give everything. Everything—all your wishes, all your mind, your body and soul—you have to just give it to God, give it to the Source. You have to care nothing for yourselfnothing. It’s like you’ve got to auction your soul to God, and when the hammer goes downsold! Gone! Sold to the Source.

After that, God can do whatever he or she likes. You’ve got to be willing to sacrifice like that, give away like that. You’ve got to love to serve the Source, and be willing.

I’m talking about if you want to be a great healer, where you can just heal anything. I’m not talking about just poking aroundI don’t want to be rude, but anybody can do that, in any field. So I’m talking about being a great healer. To be a great healer you’ve got to have that intention. You’ve got to yearn for that and you’ve got to cry for that. You’ve got to wish for that in your heart. Not because I tell you or your parents tell you, or because that’s the noble thing to do, but just because your soul yearns and you love that.

Once you have that, then immediately the Source will start to guide you, train you, to be a healer.

No one trained me to be a healer! No one. The Source is still training me today. Every day the Source is training me to be a better healer, to be a better healer. Even though what I’m healing at the momentwhat this instrument can doblows my own mind away. But at the same time, the Source is still training me to be a much better healer. It’s still constantly training me. See, I auctioned my life to God ages agounder the hammerbang! Sold! Gone for good! So, the Source is training me.

The Source can train you through learning from a Master Healer who shows you how to heal, shows you the way. So, that makes it easier, but it depends on the Source. You’ll be guided. If the Source feels that you can understand energetically, it can guide your life that way, through synchronicity and making things happen and making you realize, makin