Spiritual Transformation Article: Can we recover from trauma?
Spiritual Transformation Article: Can we recover from trauma?

Can we recover from trauma?

In this inspirational article, Master Healer Sri Avinash shares that to fully recover from trauma all we need is training, self-effort and time.

What we need to recover from trauma

It is possible to recover from trauma.

I remember many, many years ago watching a TV show in Australia called The Biggest Loser, where people who were overweight—like 150 kilos or more—had a competition to see who could lose the most weight during the show.

Let’s say the person who weighs 150 kilos wants to get a six-pack. They’re young and innocent and they want to show off their six-pack at the beach in summer. So the personal trainer’s job is to train them to get some muscles and lose weight, so they can get lean and get a six pack.

Now, if the personal trainer knows the right training principles, and if the other person puts in the self-effort and co-operation, working together as a team, that person can definitely lose weight. They can also get a six-pack, but they won’t get the six-pack that summer. It might be seven summers away, or five summers away, or maybe three summers away.

In the same way, it doesn’t matter how much trauma you have had, to get well it just takes training, self-effort and time.

How long does it take to fully recover from trauma?

To fully recover from trauma, to have no more suffering at all, a person must have attained enlightenment.

They say the quickest it takes to attain enlightenment is three years. This is not what you call an Olympic record—this is what you call a galactic record, three years! That means the person has emotional suffering in themselves, and within three years they have no more suffering at all, no trauma. They are glowing in peace and happiness.

Now for me, it didn’t take three years to attain enlightenment. I was a bit slow—it took me around thirteen years or so. I tried my best, but I couldn’t do it in three years because the first eight or nine years I was still trying to get myself ready. So I could have put my head down, do the practice and do the drills, hitting the backhand, hitting the forehand, doing it properly, but I just wasn’t quite ready to go all out.

Know that you can recover from trauma

Someone might think to themself, “Oh my God, the trauma that I’ve been through! How can I get out of this? I don’t see hope… I don’t see hope.”  And that’s the same as that person who weighs 150 kilos. They don’t see hope, but at the end of the show they have lost the weight. They are 75 kilos and totally healthy again! But before the show, they can’t even dream of the possibility.

So, in short, you can recover. That’s the first thing to know—know that you can.

Because if you think you can’t recover from trauma, you won’t begin the process, or if you begin the process, you will give up! You’ve got to know that you can.

If you’re unsure, read autobiographies of some great, great people and you’ll see that a lot of times in their life they’ve had massive challenges, massive traumas, before they become happy and conquer that.

The trauma in my own life

Someone said to me many, many years ago, “You look so happy! You must have been fortunate. You must have had an easy life.” I said to her, “I’d like to think that I did, but the truth is I didn’t.”

I didn’t have an easy life. My mother passed away when I was three years old and my father had to take care of eight children. He was a fisherman, so he went out to sea for a month and then came back home for one week. So I hardly saw my dad. 

Our family was on the poverty end—not starving or anything like that, but on the poverty end in Vietnam. And the Government at the time was a Communist system, so my dad left the country with me and my brother as refugees, and then my sisters came later on a different trip.

We were in the refugee camp for a year before we came to Australia, with hardly a cent in our pocket. We didn’t know English.

My dad never walked me to school—I just walked to school myself. My school lunch was just two oranges most of the time. Later on, I cooked fried eggs and had it with white bread. Then I had that for lunch every single day! Eggs and white bread. Eggs and white bread.

And when we ran out of oranges, I’d ask my dad to drive me to buy a box of oranges, because it was cheaper by the box. But my dad said, “No, if you want oranges, you have to get the box yourself.”So I’d ride my BMX bike 20 minutes to the nearest fruit shop and buy a box for around $10 at the time, and I’d put the whole box on the frame of the BMX bike. I would ride home balancing the box on my legs and I was embarrassed, hoping no one from school saw me doing this. I tried to get home quickly, hoping that the box didn’t fall down all over the road.

The mindset to handle trauma

There’s a lot more, but I’m not here to share about my life. I just want to share with you my life wasn’t easy! But when I was going through all of the hardship, in my mindset I always said to myself, sometimes with tears in my eyes, “I know God is putting me through this, so it must be good for me.”

When I was 13 or 14 years old I was thinking, “Who knows, I might be a world leader one day, and if I’m going to be a world leader one day, I’ve got to be strong! I can’t be weak. I’ve got to be strong! So, this hardship must be good for me. I’ll accept more of this—I don’t mind this, this must be good for me!”

In my mindset it was like that, so I didn’t feel bad.

Recover from trauma - use it to transform into a beautiful person


In short, you can recover from trauma! You can get rid of a lifetime of trauma when you know it is possible.

The fastest is in three years, but if you’re slow like me, maybe thirteen or fifteen years. And if you don’t like to rush too much, maybe in twenty years. And even if you don’t make it in thirty years, if you start, you will have got rid of most of it by then and your life will be beautiful!

Know that many great people go through hardship before they become happy and achieve great things.

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