The Spirit of the Sun

Living with the Master

I love how Sri Avinash sees through to the spirit within all things, and, at the right moment, he will share with us the hidden treasures within everyday objects. One such time was an evening not too long ago when we noticed the crescent moon and a brilliant Venus glowing above the western horizon.

Standing on the back deck, we gathered with Sri Avinash to marvel at these celestial bodies shining brighter than usual in the twilight sky. Venus was especially dazzling, we could clearly see the rays of light emanating from her like a halo. It was truly a beautiful sight. 

We also took a moment to wonder at the sun, the brilliant sun. Even though it had already set, the sun’s light was reflecting off the moon and Venus so spectacularly it moved Sri Avinash to share his feelings about it.

“I feel such a connection with the sun,” Sri Avinash expressed to us, “I can feel its spirit,” he said, as he closed his eyes and tuned into it. “There is a reason why the ancient cultures all worshipped the sun, you can just feel its love for us.” 

Upon hearing this I couldn’t help but reflect deeply on the spirit of the sun. I paused to really soak in that sentiment Sri Avinash was expressing, to really stop and feel that the sun has love for us. 

“The sun is pure love. It is 100% pure love energy,” Sri Avinash told us. And although I had never looked at the sun from that particular perspective before, upon the invitation of my Master to contemplate the sun’s spirit deeply I was able to feel the sun’s pure and unending love for humanity and all of God’s creations here on Earth and beyond. 

I reflected on that sweet feeling, like a heavenly caress of gentle warmth on my face from the late afternoon sun. I recalled that no matter how cold I might be, just a few moments in the sun will warm me to my very core. No gas heater or fire can manage that. There is something very potent about our sun.

I also contemplated deeply on how lovely the sun is to light up the whole world every single day. Without the sun how would we ever see the beautiful blue sky? And at night, its love continues to shine upon the world with the help of the moon to reflect its light. It is a source of light, a source of life and a source of warmth, sweetness, and joy for all beings – plants, animals and humans alike. All of Nature adores the sun. 

“Worshipping the sun is actually a great practice on the path to enlightenment,” Sri Avinash shared with us later. “Close your eyes and picture the sun shining on youimagine its light and warmth entering your being.” We all closed our eyes to visualize this, with feelings of lightness and joy building very quickly within. 

“This practice is so cleansing,” he informed us. “It will cleanse the darkness energy and negativities out of you, leaving you feeling light.” And do you know what? It did. 

“Wowww,” Sri Avinash exclaimed after we opened our eyes. “Look at each other – you’re all glowing!” The twinkles in our eyes said it all.

These little conversations and comments that arise naturally in the course of a life with the Master are so enlivening to me – literally the whole Universe becomes alive with spirit, and I am invited to know God in all things – in everything, everywhere.

When I feel the sun, I feel God’s love. I love the sun, and the sun loves me. My relationship with the Universe and the Source deepens every day under the gentle guidance of such a beautiful Master, himself like the sun, shining his never-ending light and love to one and all. 

Devika Visintin