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Dive in and enjoy this compilation of Sri Avinash’s inspirational videos for your wellbeing, for your healing gift and for your spiritual transformation.

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Spiritual Transformation Video: The secret to accessing divine power

This inspirational video shares the secret to accessing divine power and how to use it to manifest abundance, health, happiness and goodness in our lives and in the world.

Wellbeing Video: the way to health and happiness

Master Sri Avinash shares an invaluable insight into the principles of healing to achieve real results and experience health, happiness and peace in our lives.

Wellbeing Video: how to have true success

True success is not just about fame and fortune – it is about achieving true inner peace, health, happiness and cultivating beautiful human qualities.

Video for your healing gift: How to heal insomnia

This is a fascinating insight into insomnia and sleeping disorders that affect almost everyone on the planet.

Wellbeing Video: understanding anxiety and how to stop it

All mental health disturbances – anxiety, depression and so on – can be understood through the remarkably perceptive insights that Sri Avinash shares in this talk.

Video for your Healing Gift: how to remember your true nature

Peace, happiness, joy, health and love will be the norm when we can learn to still our minds and remember our true nature.

Video for your Healing Gift: The mindset to heal the world

In our hearts, we all wish to help this beautiful world to flourish with peace and harmony. But in reality, we may struggle to know exactly what we can do to help.

Spiritual Transformation Video: Awareness is the key

We are all striving for true peace and happiness, and in this enlightening talk Master Sri Avinash shares how awareness is the key to help us achieve this wish.

Spiritual Transformation Video: Meeting with your Higher Self

Meeting with your higher self taps into the joy of life, or as Master Sri Avinash calls it in this talk, “The best bits… the fun stuff!”

Wellbeing Video: The secrets to inner peace

What you really need to know to find inner peace and happiness, with the understanding of three simple truths so that you can be peaceful all the time.

Video for your Healing Gift: The Secrets of Healing - an Interview with Sri Avinash

This inspirational video interview explores Sri Avinash’s remarkable healing power and the essence of his healing method.

Wellbeing Video: how to overcome past pain and trauma

Let go of childhood trauma, let go of past relationships that have been holding you back and learn how to release trauma from your body, mind and spirit.

Wellbeing Video: how to heal a broken heart

The practical and effective methods Sri Avinash shares here will all lead to being happier, stronger and more resilient.

Video for your Healing Gift: how to deal with negative people

How to deal with negative people in your life by cultivating inner strength, compassion and wisdom that will transform your day-to-day interactions.

Video for your Healing Gift: How to heal the body, mind, spirit - an introduction to healing

In this introductory video, Sri Avinash explains the basic principles needed to understand healing.

Spiritual Transformation Video: Spiritual awakening - why does it take so long

The wisdom shared in this video is a must for any seeker looking for spiritual guidance and inspiration on the journey home to one’s true self.

Wellbeing Video: Self Healing Mantra - Perfect Meditation