The Best Way to Cultivate Love and Compassion for Others

Satsang with Sri Avinash

Doon Doon, NSW, Australia.

In this message, I would like to share the best way to cultivate a deep sense of love and compassion for others. It begins with understanding the nature of life—our lives and the lives of others. Understanding that life is not easy, that there are challenges and suffering in our own lives and in the lives of others. When we understand that deeply, we can’t help but want to relieve the suffering of other people. But we have to be conscious of it, we have to be aware of it. In other words, we have to truly understand the nature of life.

Because if we don’t understand the nature of life deeply, we don’t really see the suffering. We experience suffering and we see the suffering in others, but we don’t really see it. I guess it’s like you turn a blind eye. But if you understand life and you understand the nature of life, you will naturally love people. You will feel their pain, you will feel their sadness and you will just innocently want to help them. Helplessly—you can’t really help, but you will feel you want to.

So, if you want to help others, to have compassion for others, to love others, you have to understand the nature of life.

Let’s take for example a library. If you want to know a library well, you don’t go into the library blindfolded do you? You make sure you see the non-fiction section, the fiction section, the section that has the Guinness Book of Records. You see all the sections. You don’t go in blindfolded, hoping to understand the library. You go through the library consciously. You use all your senses, your eyes and your sense of direction because you can get lost in a library quite easily. You have to be quite alert and get your bearings. Where are you this moment? You have to be quite conscious.

In the same way, when we go through life we have to be quite alert and conscious. We see that, “Ah, I catch the bus to work and it seems like there are not many people on the bus going to work with enthusiasm.” You notice, you are conscious. You are not sitting on the bus blinded, not seeing anybody.

You have to go through life with a lot of awareness, with a lot of alertness, with a lot of consciousness, to observe and feel other people. When you do that you naturally love people. You can’t help it.

But when you catch the bus each day to go to work and you are just blindfolding yourself, it is very difficult to love people. Even though we have eyes to see, there is almost another curtain inside our eyes and we just close it. We are not that interested in others.

Of course, there are many reasons why we are like that. We are conditioned to think about ‘me, me, me’—“I’ve got so many problems. I haven’t got any more space for someone else’s problems.” Of course there are many reasons, but overall it doesn’t matter what has caused that perspective.

Now, if we want to feel love for others, compassion for others, naturally we have to have an interest in others. We have to set that as a goal. In the business world they know the benefit of goal setting. Why don’t we use it towards something that’s really beneficial for humanity, for others?

So it is in the attitude, it is in the heart, it is in the feeling. When we get that right, when we have that type of goal, then we can be creative. We can use our personality, our style, our strength, towards cultivating that, towards experimenting and expressing that in our life. We should end the continual search for secrets and go through the basics and get that right.

We don’t need any real secret. We’ve just got to get the basics right. That is—you are actually interested in people and you want to understand people. You are not sick and tired of people. You have a goal to understand people.

Can you imagine when you are like that? When you are interested in people, then compassion is going to come because if you see them in pain you will feel compassion. You want to help them somehow. You love them naturally. It’s not secrets, but simple things. Then our attitude, our goal, our wish, is to make people happy.

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