Healing Gift Article: Is it necessary to help humanity?
Healing Gift Article: Is it necessary to help humanity?

Do we need to help humanity?

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Helping those in need is natural

The question sounds like it’s a chore to help humanity! When a mother gets up early to feed her baby, does she feel, “Oh no, the baby’s crying again!” No. She might be tired, but in her heart she doesn’t feel that. She just feels, “Oh, my darling.”

In the same way, it is natural to help humanity. As a matter of fact, everything the whole of life is serving humanity. And not just humanity, the whole of life is serving Creation.

Look at a coconut tree. In India, I saw a coconut tree growing at an extreme angle along a river. I wondered, “Doesn’t it feel strained?” The tree bears so much strain, but it’s giving all of these coconuts. You can drink the water, you can eat the flesh. You can use the hard shell as a bowl to eat soup or rice. You can use the husk to make a fire to use for your cooking. The fibre is used to make ropes.

Everything out there, the whole of nature, is serving. The sun is working day and night, day and night, burning itself up to serve!

The moon is doing its work, doing so many things, keeping the waves and the tides in rhythm.

The whole of God’s creation is serving! It’s natural. And it’s actually natural for us to do that as well.

So it’s not a chore — our hearts love to serve humanity, it’s natural. But when we are not living naturally, we make different choices and then we experience the consequence of that. And on this planet now, we are experiencing the consequence.

How we benefit when we help humanity

When you live with a yearning to serve humanity, not in philosophy but in day to day living, then you won’t need to practice self-healing. You’re going to be so healthy physically, mentally and spiritually, that you wouldn’t need self-healing.

So it comes down to how much you want to live a beautiful life.

Nothing fancy, just sleeping well and being able to manage the hits of life beautifully, feeling connected with the people around you, feeling sweet in each moment.

If you want that, then serve humanity.