The Sacredness of Life

Message from Sri Avinash

8th of December 2017, Doon Doon, Australia.

Sri Avinash was sharing some beautiful guidance and words of wisdom to a student who was having some struggle in his life. Below is an extract of Sri Avinash’s words.

Where there is attachment, there will be pain. That’s why the wise ones teach – don’t be attached to anything, because it will cause suffering.

Ultimately there’s no wrong or right, but the reality is there are varying degrees of ability to control our mind and emotions. Those who are able to control their mind perfectly become a saint, and those who have no control of their mind and emotions will experience negativities and suffering.

Those who practice controlling their mind and emotions through thought control will get good at it. Those who don’t practice this art, won’t.

Happiness favours the practiced and prepared ones. Suffering will visit those who are unprepared and have no experience in the art of mind control. This is life, this is the game that we are all playing. Those who play the game well will enjoy the bliss of life.

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