Article: Where does the power of our healing energy come from?
Article: Where does the power of our healing energy come from?

Where does the power of our healing energy come from?

To be an effective healer it’s important to know where healing energy comes from, so we can maximise its potential for ourselves and others.

The source of everything in the universe

In short, healing energy comes from the Source, the Creator, God—whatever words you call it. All the power comes from that Source. It’s the same Source that created the whole universe, created everything. It’s the same Source that manifested me and you.

Although it appears that we are separate from God or the Source, we weren’t created separately.

In fact, the Source created us out of its very essence.

It’s almost like if God is all the ingredients, we are the creation of those ingredients, we are the cake. Or you can say that God is what we are made up of.

So we are this delicious cake and God is the ingredients. The cake looks different from the ingredients, but in truth the cake is inseparable from the ingredients. It’s exactly the same! We are made of the same stuff as the Source.

Healing with the energy from the Source

Somehow, God has blessed me—this silly boy!—to remember that, to know that. And therefore when I’m healing someone, I can feel the healing energy coming through me to the other person.

When I’m accessing healing energy like that, I’m not seeing myself as separate from God or separate from the Source. I’m seeing myself as that ‘one’. I’m the cake, God is the ingredients—we are the same stuff.

This is not my ‘opinion’—that’s how I feel in my being. So, therefore, when I send the healing energy out, that energy is actually God’s energy.

It’s the Source energy coming through me, but I can’t separate myself from that power.

It’s coming through me and I just know it’s not this boy that’s healing you. It’s not this boy’s power. It is that Source within me, which is not separate from the Source in every atom in the whole universe.

The problem with thinking the healing energy is ‘mine’

It’s important to know that the healing energy comes from the Source.

When a person thinks, “That power is my power,” then that will immediately separate them from the Source. Because what they’re saying is that they’re separate from the Source. They’re basically saying the ingredients and the cake are different.

If we think that it’s us sending the healing energy and achieving everything, then really what we’re doing is disempowering ourselves.

Why it’s critical to remember the Source of healing energy

The power in me is no different to the power in you because we are made of the same ingredients. Once you’ve got those ingredients, you can bake all different kinds of cakes. You might make a sponge cake, you might make a carrot cake, whatever.

The attitude of thinking that we are separate from the Source, or that we are doing the healing, will destroy our own health, our own peace and the peace of everyone around us. Because that type of thinking is disturbance energy. 

If we want to access that healing energy in us, it’s critical to know that.

When we have that oneness connection with the Source, the healing energies of love, peace, joy, happiness and gratefulness will flow through us and then everyone else benefits.