Wellbeing Article: How to heal the planet
Wellbeing Article: How to heal the planet

How to heal the planet

We all have what it takes to heal the planet, but it may not be in the way we expect.

In this article, Master Sri Avinash responds to the question, “Can we save the planet? And are we supposed to?”

Can we save or heal the planet? Yes and no.

At the moment, if we look at the evidence, our planet is doom and gloom. This basically means at the moment almost every family has at least one person who has some sort of mental illness. There is major misery in almost every family on the whole planet. That’s a doom and gloom situation right now on the planet.

Now, are we meant to just come and save the planet, heal the planet? Yes! Because if we don’t do anything about it we’re going to destroy the planet with pollution, with war, with all sorts of things you can imagine. The outcome will be destruction of the planet and ourselves.

So we are definitely here to heal the planet, but we’re not here to save the planet in the way we might normally think.

For example, I’m dedicating my life to transform the planet, to clear out the unhappiness and the misery and the pain. To heal the planet and the whole of humanity. But I’m not doing that by thinking, “I’m going to go change the planet,” or, “I’m the healer that’s going to heal the whole planet.”

In my mind, I’m not thinking that at all. No. In my mind, all I’m doing is just being my true Self. I’m being who I am in my being.

I know my being is a being of goodness, of compassion. In my being there’s an ocean of love, of life, of humanity, of every being. I can’t take that away or do anything about that—that’s my being.

So, this being is being itself! It is just expressing itself according to what itself is, and not expressing what itself is not. I’m just being that aspect of myself, and then that aspect of myself moves me to run a webinar, moves me to travel around to different cities and run programs. It moves me to help people as much as I can. It just does it automatically.

Heal the Planet - Ocean and Sand

That is very different to thinking in my mind, “I want to change the world. I’m going to heal the world. I’m here to save the world.” If I was thinking that, that is sickness energy. That is not true, Divine Self energy.

When someone has the energy that they want to change you, that energy makes you feel sick. You don’t want to be changed. You feel sick, because the vibration of the energy is very low and dense—that’s not going to change the world!

Our true Self, our Divine being, is goodness, peace and lightness and love. All of that is in us naturally. And when we live and cultivate that more and more, then that emanates from us and vibrates outward to the whole universe, pulsating back and forth every second.

In less than a second, our peace can reach the whole universe and back.

So, as you can imagine, it reaches everyone near us. And that pulsating of peace and love and joy just transforms the whole planet.

That is how the planet will be healed. So, the answer is a yes and a no. We’re here to try and save the planet, but not in the way we think!

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