Vision & Mission

Sri Avinash’s Vision

Every person has access to spiritual understanding so that they have the tools to be able to live joyfully and peacefully.

Everybody is able to live in a world where we take care of each other, where no one suffers from loneliness, hunger or poverty.

Every person who is sick has the opportunity to be healed and cared for.

Every child is able to grow up in a safe, loving and supportive environment.

Every person is able to live and work in a community of love, peace and non-violence.

Every person is able to depart from this world in a supportive and humane way.

Every animal is loved and cared for.

Every mountain, river, plant, and all of nature, is protected and revered as part of our Mother Earth.

Every religion embraces and values the uniqueness and sacredness of every other.

Sri Avinash’s Mission

To meet everyone on the planet at least once, to provide the opportunity to awaken divine love within them.

To open people’s hearts and inspire them to live selflessly and compassionately.

To contribute to the spiritual, mental and physical wellness of all sentient beings.

To establish non-sectarian communities where every being is embraced with respect and open-heartedness.

“A great Master is always thinking about the mission. A great disciple is always thinking how they can help the Master to serve the mission. All benefits come out of that. It’s a great joy.”

– Sri Avinash Do