Power of Words
Power of Words

At the Feet of the Master

Living with the Master

“Devika you’re just in time!” Sri Avinash exclaimed as I walked through the door. His eyes were bright with excitement and his legs were swinging with joy under his chair. My Master is such a little boy at heart. 

“I’ve come up with a new technique to heal people,” he started, “and it’s so much faster, it’s going to full-on change the planet.”

Beaming as he explained how his healing gift was unfolding through him, I sat among his closest disciples drinking in his elation. Sri Avinash’s eyes glowed and appeared to have even more depth than before as if he had been to greater depths of his being and back again. 

We sat engrossed, learning more and more about the ancient art of healing with every word. 

I couldn’t help but reflect on what an honour it is to sit at his feet and share in his daily joys and discoveries. And what a joy it is to bathe in the sweetness of his purity. Ever humble, he is always thanking God, always saying to himself, “I can’t believe God blessed me with this gift.”

Devika Visintin