Article: Energy healing - how does it work?
Article: Energy healing - how does it work?

Energy Healing – How Does it Work?

Master Healer Sri Avinash explains why energy is able to heal physical, spiritual and mental conditions

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To truly understand how energy healing works we need to know how we were designed by God. We are a triune being of body, mind and spirit. And it is God’s love, or the universal ‘life force’, that is essentially nourishing and maintaining our overall being.

God’s love in the form of that universal life force is constantly flowing through our body, our mind, our soul, our spirit. And when it flows fully to our body with no blockages, our body is healthy. We have no diseases. When it flows through our mind we become peaceful and calm. And when it flows through our soul we feel content and fulfilled and complete—that sense of completeness.

When that is working perfectly, in other words, when our body, mind and spirit align, there is no need for healing. ‘Align’ means our body (the action that we do) and our mind (our thoughts) match, and they are sponsored by the spirit.

In other words, the thought is spirit-sponsored and our body, our actions, match—body, mind and spirit align. When that happens, healing doesn’t mean anything. There’s no need for healing.

Now, when the mind is full of concepts or conditioning or rules, that creates blockages or misalignment. These are rules passed down from generation to generation, and from the media, TV etc. Rules that we have to be a certain way, expectations that we have to be successful. Rules about how people should treat us, how people should see us, our reputation, our specialness. All these rules are not natural, they’re learnt, they’re conditioning, they’re man-made, not organic. They are basically artificial. They are sponsored by fear and the fear creates blockages.

When the life force comes in through our mind, the fear energy blocks it. It doesn’t fully block it or we would have no life force coming in—our body wouldn’t be alive! But it blocks it somewhat, maybe ten percent or fifteen percent. That deficit in life force means you’re not getting the full dosage of nourishment and peace.

Over time, after many years of blockages, our body starts to be out of flow and then physical pain comes, emotional problems come like anxiety and depression. Mental illness is basically a non-peace state, and then physically the immune system gets weaker.

When we get the full dosage of life force, the immune system is strong and diseases won’t come.

Conversely, when the life force is blocked the immune system gets weaker and it won’t be able to beat viruses and clear toxins. The toxins build up and move to our joints and then you get arthritis and all sorts of things. It moves to our organs and damages our organs. That’s how it works.

There are all sorts of ways to heal people and there are many different modalities, but they’re all the same in essence. Basically, energy healing works by infusing that life force energy into a person. I’m giving them a boost of that because they are in deficit. And then I go to the person’s mind to clear out the fear energy, those blockages. It’s like I’m clearing a big branch that fell down on the road during the storm—I’m moving it off the road so people can drive through.

When the blockages are cleared and the life force is flowing, then your immune system becomes stronger and your immune system will heal you, not me. That’s how it all works.

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