Living with the Master

A disciple’s journey

What’s it like to live in Master Sri Avinash’s community? If you’re curious about this, you’ll enjoy these beautiful Living with the Master posts.

Follow the remarkable story of a heart-disciple living with Master Sri Avinash, as she shares her accounts of being in the company of such a beautiful Master. Hear what she has learned, and see how her life has uniquely been transformed.

In these posts, Devika recounts daily happenings living with the Master, describing her experiences and magical moments with depth and honesty.

Rescuing the Master’s Dog

Sri Avinash's senior disciple reflects on the incredible blessing of Living With the Master, sharing that Master Sri Avinash has come to the rescue countless times, not only for her but for every being in his care.

A Drive with the Master

A disciple's account of living with the Master. "It was just an ordinary day. I was at the wheel driving through the stretches of forests and farms with Sri Avinash and Prema..."

The good, the great and the saint

Living with the Master. "Instead of the good, the bad and the ugly, we should be focussed on the good, the great and the saint," Sri Avinash shared at dinner...

The infinite being, you are

Living with the Master | Being close to Sri Avinash, you hear some extraordinary things. I am not just talking about the heart-expanding wisdom he shares...

The door to the Infinite

Living with the Master - It was one of those magical evenings. The scent of eucalyptus trees was wafting in through the open windows...

Nature’s whisper

A disciple's journey, living with the Master: “The wind has a spirit,” Sri Avinash went on to tell me, “it can feel you. It knows when you are aware of it and will be communicating with you."

Meditate, Exercise, Eat, Serve

What’s it like to live with an enlightened Master? Well, it is full of magic and mystery but it is very similar to how every one of you are living your lives out there in the world.

Quality practice makes a champion

Quality practice makes a champion Living with the Master I have the amazing privilege to hear Sri Avinash's teachings daily. Wisdom that is deep, profound and totally transformative. But of all that Sri [...]

A Taste of Gratefulness to Transform Your Life

Living with a Master is simple and joyful. It is deeply fulfilling and sweet. It is full of little practices that keep our focus on peace and gratitude throughout the day, like this gratitude practice at mealtimes.

Tears From A Bull

Living with the Master | "Yaaaaama! My darling!” Sri Avinash would call out from the back deck. “Yaaaaaama! My darling, hello Yama.”

See the Living Master in You

See the Living Master in You Living with the Master Living with Sri Avinash we are so privileged to witness and experience every day the extraordinary and the ordinary aspects [...]