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How people benefit

Thousands have benefitted from this 100% volunteer-run Mission.

“Sri Avinash has completely removed from my consciousness a lifetime of pain and trauma… Not only did he free me from the past but he gave me a beautiful present.”


“After one day, there was no pain, I was standing more upright and it progressively improved further. Sri Avinash’s passion, determination and desire to help everybody is just brilliant.”


“Since meeting Sri Avinash, every aspect of my life and well-being has improved. My chronic physical injury pain has diminished by 70%, and I am calmer, finding more peace and acceptance daily.”


“He lives what he teaches every second of the day and just being in his presence is something of an experience. I’ve honestly never encountered anyone like him.”


“Dermatologists were unable to achieve any improvement in my daughter’s face acne. Since starting the distance healing her acne is barely noticeable anymore.”


“This man is a gift from the Divine. He has a beautiful childlike quality and I instantly felt I was in the presence of a Master.”


“There has been such an improvement, I am overwhelmed with gratitude and blessings to Sri Avinash for his healing.”


“I instantly felt more at peace, and the harsh sadness of my relationship breakup seemed to just disappear. I watch the healing videos with my 5 year old son and I have noticed a difference in him as well.”


“Just being in Sri Avinash’s presence brings love and life to your soul and being. Life’s challenges are no longer insurmountable. A truly inspirational master!”


“Even for people that are not really looking for a spiritual way, the content and the knowledge that he offers is just priceless. It’s not just about the spiritual way. You can use what he teaches every single day.”


“The laughter that he has—it’s incredible. You just want to be around that all the time.”


“Words can not express how I feel after your free healing events. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul – what you have done for me is amazing.”