Article: New Brisbane Meetup Group
Article: New Brisbane meetup group

New Sri Avinash Meetup Group in Brisbane

The Sri Avinash Becoming a Great Healer Practice Group will meet regularly

We are very happy to announce that there is a new Sri Avinash Becoming a Great Healer Practice Group in Brisbane, providing opportunities to come together regularly to share the teachings and healing practices of Sri Avinash.

The purpose of the Meetup group is to gain wisdom and practice energy healing as taught by Master Sri Avinash. The Meetup will be facilitated by Sri Avinash’s close disciples. Participants will also have the opportunity to be guided personally by Sri Avinash, through videos prepared by the Sri Avinash Do Mission exclusively for the group.

This Meetup is not only for those who have completed the Becoming a Great Healer Masterclass, but for those who are interested in learning and practicing Sri Avinash’s healing methods.

If you’d love to be a healer, to heal yourself and the world, and to meet up and do spiritual practice with other healers, then do come along.

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