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School of Enlightenment

The School of Enlightenment is for those who have a deep desire to fast-track their spiritual transformation, and are yearning to attain the perfect state of enlightenment.

The more you experience the perfect being that you are, the more magical your life will be.

This School offers everything you need to know to master yourself and realise the Divine in you.

The School of Enlightenment

Master Sri Avinash talks about the School of Enlightenment

A summary of the incredible content of this training program, designed to give you everything you need to succeed on your spiritual path.

Satori with Master Sri Avinash – What People Say

People from all walks of life share about Satori Transmission™ with Master Sri Avinash, describing their experiences of bliss, peace, strength and freedom.

This is the ultimate training program to attain the perfect state of enlightenment.

15 Sessions

15 two-hour live virtual sessions with Master Sri Avinash per year, via Zoom.

The Training

Receive training from the Master with talks, Q&A, personal guidance, Divine Transmissions, meditations and healing demonstrations.

Unlimited Replay Access

Access replays for every session in the replay library.

12 Month Memberships

Precious training over a 12 month period to fulfil your divine potential. You can start your membership anytime throughout the year.

Who should attend the School of Enlightenment?

This training program is only suitable for those who are courageous, sincere and committed to daily spiritual practice and spiritual transformation. You must feel a natural connection with Master Sri Avinash and genuine faith and love for him, his path and Mission. You must be willing and ready to surrender what you already know so Master Sri Avinash can pour into your heart what he knows.

Master Sri Avinash will not be holding anything back, he will go all out in sharing the secrets that you need to know to attain this perfect state of enlightenment.

For those whose heart feels an excitement and a pull to enrol in this training, their spirit will be quenched. It is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that your heart has been longing and yearning for.


Even though he’s at such a high level of consciousness, he’s down at our level so it’s easy to connect with him.


It’s almost like we can connect to the source of the universe through him, and he allows me to see something deeper that I’ve been looking for most of my life.


This man is a gift from the Divine. He has a beautiful childlike quality and I instantly felt I was in the presence of a Master.


“Just being in his presence is something of an experience. I’ve honestly never encountered anyone like him.


“If you paid a million dollars, or more—you can’t put a price on that! It’s just priceless, it’s priceless.”


I recommend it to everyone to take this opportunity to be so close to an enlightened Master, who is full of love and compassion.


He is just an amazingly beautiful presence—strong, gentle, powerful, caring. You just feel his heart, and it’s beautiful.


Just being in Sri Avinash’s presence brings love and life to your soul and being. Life’s challenges are no longer insurmountable. A truly inspirational master!


He speaks such a beautiful, simple language and he can guide you at whatever level you’re at. He shows the road map for people, and that’s what I found to be quite profound.


“I will never forget for the rest of my life this feeling of power and strength and stillness and calm. That power, that feeling, that’s just out of this world.


Sri Avinash has a very powerful presence and a very divine gift to help us with our spiritual growth.


Sri Avinash’s programs are uplifting. They take you straight back to your heart, to your natural self… It’s like he’s opening the gates to your soul.


Sri Avinash is unbelievable—that deep, deep knowledge that he shows you… He has something unique that I can’t describe. It’s really, really powerful. You feel that presence.


Training Program

The School of Enlightenment gives you access to 15 two-hour live training sessions with Master Sri Avinash over 12 months from the date of your registration. Since it is an ongoing program you can register anytime throughout the year.

Master Sri Avinash takes you on an amazing journey, where each session is spontaneous and unique. Each session can include wisdom talks, Q&A, Divine Transmissions, live demonstrations, meditations and personal guidance.

The sessions take place online globally via Zoom. You can join from anywhere in the world.

Can’t attend every session live? Replays will be uploaded to your member’s library within the month after each session.



Saturday 8 October

10am Los Angeles (PDT)
1pm New York (EDT)
6pm London/Dublin (BST/IST)
7pm Berlin (CEST)
1am Singapore (SGT) *9 October
3am Brisbane (AEST) *9 October
4am Sydney (AEDT) *9 October

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Saturday 26 November

9am London/Dublin (GMT)
10am Berlin (CET)
5pm Singapore (SGT)
7pm Brisbane (AEST)
8pm Sydney (AEDT)
1am Los Angeles (PST)
4am New York (EST)

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Saturday 10 December