Together We Prayed, and the Rain Came

Living with the Master

There is a certain scent in the air before rain. At my desk, I could feel a cool breeze through the window and smell that sweet, earthy aroma. Smiling, I knew that rain was on its way. Inhaling a deep breath of that moist air, I said a quiet prayer filled with love and gratitude to my Master, Sri Avinash. 

It was only a couple of days prior that he led the world in a very special webinar to call in the rain and heal the pain of the people, animals and nature that had been suffering so deeply from the Australian bushfires. It hadn’t rained for months on end, half the country was on fire…

And then it happened. We heard one drop, then another two, then three, until the pitter-patter of rain on our roof was all we could hear. It was a tremendous sound and we gathered on the back deck to relish every moment. 

Leaning over the railing, I delighted in watching the rainbow lorikeets careen through the sky with such joy, they screeched with happiness at the onset of the rain.

And rain it did. Long, soaking rain.

After so long in drought with brown grass, stressed trees and suffocating smoke filling our sky for months on end, finally, relief came.

The best thing was I could actually feel nature rejoicing.

The frogs were happy, the birds were happy, the insects, wallabies and cows were happy. The trees were happy, twinkling with silver droplets of fresh rain.

The magpies warbled a sweet tune, the kookaburras laughed together, the insects chirped and the swallows flew about the sky in delighted mercurial swirls. Tiny finches with red beaks landed on seed heads in the long grass and drank from the raindrops gathered there, gleefully twittering with each other as they flitted from one stalk to the other.

Butterflies, dragonflies and birds danced across the garden and playfully chased each other, like children in a playground. They all looked like they were having so much fun!

I loved seeing this happiness return. I loved seeing the balance return.

Over the week that followed we were inundated with reports of rain in fire and drought-stricken areas across Australia by those sharing the same exultant joy and relief that we were feeling.

People from all over the world had participated in that special webinar and gave their whole hearts to calling in the rain, even if they weren’t sure what the result would be, they had just wanted to help. What a pleasure it was to read all the emails, comments and messages from them sharing their surprise and delight that it had worked. It was a real “We did it!” moment leaving so many feeling jubilant and empowered.

But Sri Avinash was different. He had nothing less than 100% faith that his prayers would be answered all along. He had 100% conviction and when you see that, it does something to you, it changes you in a big way. 

There is a beautiful anecdote I read once and it really moved me. It reminds me of Sri Avinash’s level of faith so much that I would like to share it with you.

“Once, all the people in the village decided to pray for rain. On the day of prayer all the good people gathered, but only one boy came with an umbrella. That is faith.”

Devika Visintin