Love Like the Shining Sun

A Letter from Master Sri Avinash

The purpose of life is to express love. And when you do that, you will feel centered within yourself. And the expression of that love is in serving humanity. When your life is a service to humanity, you will discover your essence. It is inevitable that you will find your true Self.

Every soul on this planet yearns to express itself 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Since the core of our soul is love, it just wants to express it’s love to humanity like the shining sun gives warmth and benefit to every being on the planet—naturally, organically.

When you live in this way, whenever you are not actively helping others on the outside, you will be showering your love on the world through your prayers and good wishes.

It doesn’t matter what situation we are facing in our life, always remember, love is the goal. Love is the way. Love is the answer.

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How to Love

When we practice to love others, and set that as our goal, we will learn to connect with our true nature, which is love itself. Then, even if someone does something harmful or selfish, the love within us will know how to respond.

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What is love?

Master Sri Avinash was asked the question, “What is love?”

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Healing, Transforming and Awakening