Free Meditation Resources; How to Meditate
Free Meditation Resources; How to Meditate

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Free Meditation Resources

In these free meditation resources you will find all you need to learn how to meditate. Whether you are brand new or an experienced meditator, these videos, articles and other resources are full of gems to help you meditate effectively. Master Sri Avinash teaches meditation techniques that are simple, effective and powerful and we are delighted to share these insights with you here.

Learn the essence of techniques like breath meditation and mantra meditation. Gain an understanding of the tremendous benefits of meditation overall. And see how your life can be directly enhanced by a simple and effective regular practice.

Best of all, understand how to use these simple techniques during your daily life. These meditations don’t need you to set aside time to meditate. You can learn to meditate while you are on the train, waiting for the bus, walking to the next building or even sitting on the toilet!

Free Meditation Articles

These meditation resources are full of wisdom and inspiration for you to absorb and enjoy at your own pace. Learning how to meditate should not be a chore, and these articles are full of profound and simple wisdom, to make the journey easy and fun.

Article: What is meditation?

What is meditation?

When we understand the key truths of meditation, and we master this art of inner stillness, then we are in control of our own happiness. The power to end our suffering is in our own hands, to the degree that we are able to bring ourselves into the meditation state. READ >

Article: I just can't meditate

I’ve tried, but I just can’t meditate

A lot of people these days like the idea of meditation, and even science tells us that it’s good for us. So we might try some classes, but many people say they just can’t meditate. In this article, Master Sri Avinash addresses this issue with inspiring simplicity. READ >

Article: How to do live in the present moment

How to live in the present moment

What is the present moment and how can we use it to enhance every aspect of our daily life? Here, Master Sri Avinash demystifies and simplifies the essence of living in the present moment. READ >

Article: How to do breath meditation

How to do breath meditation

Breath meditation is a great technique. It has stood the test of time, having been used for literally thousands of years. In this article Master Sri Avinash shares how you can master this simple but effective meditation technique. READ >

Learn to Meditate | Article | Overcoming Problems and Challenges

Overcoming Problems and Challenges

A beautiful letter from Master Sri Avinash, sharing with profound simplicity how we can live amidst the problems and challenges that life will invariably throw our way. Living in the present moment help us to take it all less seriously! READ >

Meditation Resources Article | How to Practice Mindfulness

How to Practice Mindfulness

Master Sri Avinash discusses mindfulness and explains in clear and simple terms what it is, how it benefits your life, how to develop the skill of mindfulness, and how to know whether it is the best practice for you. READ >

Article: How to control your mind

How to control your mind

To control your mind means to be able to switch off the mind and emotions when you want to. In this article you’ll learn the two ways to achieve the peace and happiness that comes from this. READ >

Article: Is meditation important for spiritual growth?

Is meditation important for spiritual growth?

Can a person progress spiritually if they don’t meditate? Master Sri Avinash answers this question and shares advice for beginners and advanced practitioners. READ >

Mantra Meditation Article

How to do Mantra Meditation

This article shows you how to meditate properly using the example of mantra meditation. However, the same principles can be applied to all forms of meditation, like breath meditation, walking meditation and mindfulness meditation. READ >

Article: Understanding Thoughts

Understanding Thoughts

A letter from Master Sri Avinash about the nature of thoughts, and how understanding thoughts can enhance our meditation practice, to minimise emotional pain and suffering. It is critical to understand the cause of suffering, in order to live a happier life. READ >

Learn to Meditate | World Peace and Inner Peace

World Peace and Inner Peace

We can each make a big difference to world peace by gaining victory over our inner war of negative emotions like anger and so on. From our inner peace, we will shine our true colors and there be world peace. READ >

More Articles

If you enjoyed these articles about meditation, you might like to read more of our articles. Enjoy this ever-expanding library of free articles for your wellbeing, for your healing gift and for your spiritual transformation.

Articles for your wellbeing
Articles for your healing gift
Articles for your spiritual transformation

Free Meditation Videos

This selection of free videos has been put together to help you with your meditation practice. Maybe you want to know how to meditate effectively. Maybe you have been meditating for a long time and want some new inspiration. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner, these meditation resources can help you.

How to Meditate

Learn to Meditate| Video: How To Meditate

Using the example of breath meditation, Master Sri Avinash explains how to meditate in such a simple and easy-to-apply manner that makes every person feel like they finally “get it.”

Learn to Meditate| Video: Self Healing Mantra - Perfect Meditation

Master Healer Sri Avinash shares how to do perfect meditation using his incredibly powerful Self-Healing Mantra.

Learn to Meditate| Video: How to manage anxiety and stress

Understand what leads to anxiety and stress, and learn some key techniques we can use to effectively restore peacefulness in our lives.

Learn to Meditate| Video : Maintaining the peacefulness of meditation

Master Sri Avinash answers a question about how to maintain the happiness, peace and energy gained in meditation, throughout the day.

Learn to Meditate| Video: How to stop negative thoughts

Learn how to stop negative thoughts as well as anxiety, depression and mental health issues.

Learn to Meditate| Video: Spiritual Practice - how much should you do?

Sri Avinash reveals not only the the best practices, but the correct perspective and understanding to have, in order to progress on the spiritual path and see real results.

How Meditation Works

Learn how to meditate| Video : Protect yourself from negative energies

Sri Avinash shares how to protect yourself from negative energies by cultivating high vibrational energy – and this also benefits the environment and others around you.

Learn how to meditate| Video: Remembering your true self through spiritual practices

What does spiritual growth mean? And how does present moment awareness lead to spiritual growth?

Learn how to meditate| Video: How to let go of the past

In this captivatingly simple video, understand the essence of what the past is, how it impacts you and how to let it go.

Learn how to meditate| Video: How happy can I be

Sri Avinash explains how to bring more positivity, happiness and joy into life, motivating us to break through our limiting beliefs and reach for the peak of happiness.

Learn how to meditate| Video: The secrets to inner peace

What you really need to know to find inner peace and happiness, with the understanding of three simple truths so that you can be peaceful all the time.

The Benefits of Meditation

Free Meditation Resources| Video : how to remember your true nature

Peace, happiness, joy, health and love will be the norm when we can learn to still our minds and remember our true nature.

Free Meditation Resources| Video : Why can't I stay grounded

This video highlights the importance of not taking life too seriously and how that impacts your energy and ability to stay grounded in any situation.

Free Meditation Resources| Video: How can I feel happy again?

Master Sri Avinash shares from his own experience how you can feel happy again, and bring joy back into your life simply and easily.

Free Meditation Resources| Video: How To Let go of the fear I'm not good enough

When you clear all the judgements out, what you’re left with is peace, love, wisdom, clarity and joy.

Free Meditation Resources| Video : Overcome fear, end anxiety

Overcome fear and end anxiety by understanding the truth of who you are and how to connect with your true nature.

Free Meditation Resources | Video: How to control anger and restore inner peace

Over the course of a lifetime, we will all come to terms with anger issues and how to control anger when it arises.

For Deeper Reflection

Free Meditation Resources| Video: The secret to accessing divine power

Sri Avinash shares the secret to accessing divine power and how to use it to manifest abundance, health, happiness and goodness in our lives and in the world.