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Meditate, Exercise, Eat, ServeAn Ordinary Path to Enlightenment

Living with the Master

Have you ever wondered what it is like to live with a Master? What do we do? What do we eat? Do we meditate all day?

You might think that living with the Master is all about spiritual practice and that we sit in deep meditation all day but it’s amazing that it’s not quite like thatit’s not what you might think it is. Of course, naturally, we are dedicated to our daily meditation practice but you might be surprised to learn that we live so much more of a balanced and normal life.

It is true that we are trying to detach ourselves from body-consciousness and move towards spirit-consciousness or the universal consciousness but that doesn’t mean we don’t exercise! We exercise daily. We have a healthy diet to keep our bodies strong to be able to serve the world. In this way, we have the energy and vitality to better serve others. 

It’s interesting that at the same time as Master teaches us that we shouldn’t be attached to the body, he still encourages us to take good care of ourselves. While it is true that attachment to the body will lead to selfishness and suffering, Sri Avinash sees no contradiction in encouraging actions that lead to being a good steward for our bodies as this helps us on our journey towards attaining the ultimate goal.

The main thing to consider with our actions is the motive. It is an eye-opener to learn that detachment does not mean that we do not take care of ourselves. No, we care for ourselves so that we are better able to care for othersa beautiful motive.

And that means plenty of exercise and yoga plus a simple and healthy diet. No processed foods, just great vegetarian fare, lots of soups as well as fresh fruit and vegetables filled with life force and vitality to keep us strong and healthy. When our motive is right all these types of actions can be highly spiritual. 

Real spirituality and the goal towards happiness is about both trying to detach from body-consciousness and what others think of us, and still taking care of ourselves to help us achieve a higher purpose. Intuitively this really makes sense and is very different from being attached to or obsessed with our body, beautifying it to impress others and to be accepted. This actually causes a lot of suffering to ourselves and others. 

So you can see that taking care of yourselves with regular exercise and a good diet, combined with having a peaceful and calm mind and spicing it up with a little laughter here and there goes a long way towards taking you to that ultimate goal, the place of true, lasting happiness

I can say without a doubt that living with the Master is full of magic and mystery but at the same time, it is easy to forget that there is so much in common with how each and every one of you are living your lives out there in the world.

Devika Visintin

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