Path to Enlightenment - Videos, Articles, Inspiration
Path to Enlightenment - Videos, Articles, Inspiration



The Path to Enlightenment

Wisdom to light your way, from Master Sri Avinash

Whether you’ve just started the path to enlightenment, or you’re well on your way along the path, these resources share wisdom from a Master who has walked that very path himself.

The articles are here for you to explore and absorb at your own pace, on the essence of what enlightenment is and what is needed to progress on the path. The videos share guidance, inspiration, and a wealth of tools for you to improve your practice and accelerate your journey.

In the Crown Chakra Energy Healing Master Sri Avinash transmits energy healing to create a deep remembrance of your true nature – a being of perfect love. Use it often, to feel the joy of that connection to your true Self.

The Enlightenment Quotes share timeless truths on this most beautiful path, the path to enlightenment. And in Living with the Master you can read accounts from one of Master Sri Avinash’s closest disciples, about her own journey and experience with the Master.

If you are keen to learn from Master Sri Avinash directly, we have these upcoming related events.

Path to Enlightenment – Articles

In these articles you will find words of wisdom to help you along the path to enlightenment. Improve your understanding of the enlightened state, and learn how to apply simple tools to ensure your progress.

Article: What is enlightenment?

What is enlightenment? [Reading Time – 5 Minutes]

Sharing ancient wisdom for modern times, Master Sri Avinash answers this age-old question with the clear wisdom of one who lives and breathes the enlightened state.

Article: One step towards God

One Step Towards God [Reading Time – 1 Minute]

A curious disciple asked Master Sri Avinash, “Is it true that if we take one step towards God, God takes 100 steps towards us?” His answer – yes, this is a way to enlightenment!

Article: Core spiritual practices for enlightenment

Core Spiritual Practices [Reading Time – 11 Minutes]

In this article, Master Sri Avinash shares his top 4 practices in response to the question, “On the path to enlightenment, what are the core or basic spiritual practices for us to focus on?”

Article: How to Love

How to Love [Reading Time – 11 Minutes]

In the enlightened state we are permanently established in our true nature, which is is the embodiment of love. So, attaining enlightenment and learning how to love go hand in hand.

Article: Gurus

Gurus [Reading Time – 10 Minutes]

Master Sri Avinash demystifies the concept of a “Guru”. He describes what a Guru really is, how to tell if someone is a true Guru, the benefits of having a Guru on the path to enlightenment, and more.

Article: How to explain spiritual enlightenment

How to explain enlightenment [Reading Time – 1 Minute]

Sri Avinash’s simple response to this question makes it easy for us to understand how to explain to our friends and family, this state that is beyond words.

Article: Is meditation important for spiritual growth?

Is meditation important for spiritual growth? [Reading Time – 8 Minutes]

Can a person progress spiritually if they don’t meditate? Master Sri Avinash answers this question and shares advice for beginners and advanced practitioners.