How to Get Over a Breakup

Master Healer Sri Avinash shares how to get over a breakup by going with life, and not against it - because going against life doesn't work.

How to Control Anger

Anger is a strong human emotion, but in our hearts none of us can enjoy anger. In this article, learn the essential teachings on how to control anger from a Master of mind control himself.


In this article, Master Healer Sri Avinash explains that true confidence is an inner knowing, and he shares how the secret to confidence is residing in a state of calmness.

How to love

Master Sri Avinash shares how to love yourself and others by connecting with your true nature, which is the embodiment of love and wisdom.

What is Love

Master Sri Avinash's beautiful response to this question from a student is simple and poetic, guiding us back to what's really important.

Nature’s whisper

A disciple's journey, living with the Master: “The wind has a spirit,” Sri Avinash went on to tell me, “it can feel you. It knows when you are aware of it and will be communicating with you."

Self love meditation

A powerful guided self love meditation to heal yourself, with Divine Love energy healing to soothe and rejuvenate. A journey deep into to your heart space, with beautiful nature sounds.

Guided meditation for anxiety

Use this healing guided meditation for anxiety to bring yourself back to your natural state of inner stillness. Feel the peace of the authentic nature sounds, and receive healing energy for your nervous system throughout the meditation.

Best of 2020: Our 5 most popular videos of the year

These videos have brought peace, healing, hope, wisdom and insight to people all across the globe during this difficult coronavirus year. We really hope you enjoy watching and re-watching them, absorbing the timeless peace and wisdom they hold.

Merry Christmas 2020

A beautiful Christmas message from Master Healer Sri Avinash, reflecting on what has been a difficult year for many, and sharing hope and inspiration from Jesus' life that can serve as inspiration for all of us.

Free Sleep Meditation Videos, Audios + More

Master Healer Sri Avinash explains with profound simplicity why so many of us can’t sleep, and shares our top 5 transformational tools to help you sleep naturally once again, benefitting every aspect of your life.

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