Holistic Wellbeing Articles
Holistic Wellbeing Articles
Holistic Wellbeing Articles

Holistic Wellbeing Articles

Articles to heal, nurture and inspire

These holistic wellbeing articles are full of of practical and profound wisdom, shared by a Master Healer. They are especially designed to make it easy for you to understand and nurture your own wellbeing, bringing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits.

So dive in and explore, because these holistic wellbeing articles will enhance every aspect of your life!

The Power in Divine Protection

"I truly realised Sri Avinash is, in fact, utterly fearless. We see bravado all the time, but to see true fearlessness, now that’s really something..." - a disciple's journey.

3 Steps to Heal The World

Master Sri Avinash shares 3 simple steps to heal the world. The method he shows is so simple and so achievable that it's ingenious.

Human Connection

What is human connection and how important is it? Master Sri Avinash says that when we get that right, our connection with nature and God will naturally follow.

How to Get Over a Breakup

Master Healer Sri Avinash shares how to get over a breakup by going with life, and not against it - because going against life doesn't work.

How to Control Anger

Anger is a strong human emotion, but in our hearts none of us can enjoy anger. In this article, learn the essential teachings on how to control anger from a Master of mind control himself.


In this article, Master Healer Sri Avinash explains that true confidence is an inner knowing, and he shares how the secret to confidence is residing in a state of calmness.

How to love

Master Sri Avinash shares how to love yourself and others by connecting with your true nature, which is the embodiment of love and wisdom.

What is Love

Master Sri Avinash's beautiful response to this question from a student is simple and poetic, guiding us back to what's really important.

Nature’s whisper

A disciple's journey, living with the Master: “The wind has a spirit,” Sri Avinash went on to tell me, “it can feel you. It knows when you are aware of it and will be communicating with you."

Self love meditation

A powerful guided self love meditation to heal yourself, with Divine Love energy healing to soothe and rejuvenate. A journey deep into to your heart space, with beautiful nature sounds.

Guided meditation for anxiety

Guided meditation for anxiety, with nature sounds and energy healing from Master Healer Sri Avinash. Use this to return to your natural state of inner stillness.

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