Wellbeing Article: Human Connection, Human Love
Wellbeing Article: Human Connection, Human Love

Human Connection

In his response to a student’s question, Master Sri Avinash explains the great importance of human connection and how, when we get that right, we will naturally feel connected with nature and with God.

The importance of human connection

If we get human connection and human love right, then everything will be right. If we get human love wrong, then everything will be wrong. Because we are one with everything, we are one with God, we are one with nature. Even if we don’t believe that, we are still one.

In some ways, it’s a good starting point to experience human love. After all, we are human, and it’s easier to relate to something that is the same as you. So we want to get that right.

There are people who struggle to love other humans, so they settle with loving animals or nature. That’s very good, but it’s not ideal.

We can love animals, we can love nature, but if we don’t love humans we will feel there is something missing.

Independence and privacy vs human connection

In the world today, everybody wants their independence and privacy, and we prefer to move away from as many humans as possible so we can have that.

Some people go to extremes, moving to places where there are hardly any humans around, but after some time they miss humans. They want to reconnect with humans again. So they fly back to the city to visit, then they go away again.

In a similar way, people who live alone will go out to see some friends, to connect with some humans, and then they go back home.

Just that experience in so many humans shows how innately important human love is for us.

What human love really is

Now, let’s look at this more deeply. What is human love? And what is a human?

Is it a physical body that we want to connect with, in human love? When we see another body, do we feel connected? If that is the case, then all we have to do is go where there are many people and we will feel connected. But no—when a person is seeking human connection and they go to crowded places, they feel even more disconnected and they tend to think, “Wow, I’m the only one that feels so disconnected.”

So it’s obviously not about connecting with another body, but with what’s inside the body.

Sometimes when you first meet a person you want to get to know them. But when you talk to the person and get to know them a little bit more you don’t feel any special connection with them. Why is that? Because you saw the body and then when you got to know the person more deeply you found that the body, the person’s physical appearance, was not enough.

You wanted to connect with a person’s soul, you wanted to connect with a being—a being that was being human. And when you meet a person who is really being that being, you will be very attracted to them because that is what you truly want to connect with.

Human connection is soul connection

In that sense, if you want to be connected, if you want to be happy, human love is critical. But the connection is with a person’s soul, not their body.

The soul is non-physical, so the deepest connection is non-physical.

For example, when I was a seeker I spent three and a half years travelling with my Master Amma. I was one of many volunteers, and during that time I actually never had a conversation with her. There were always big crowds around her, but that didn’t stop my deep connection with her. As a matter of fact, my connection was so deep that wherever I went, I felt she was right next to me.

There is nothing wrong with a physical connection, but the real human connection is of a non-physical nature.

We have each experienced that soul connection in slightly different ways. For example, you might have a dear friend who lives far away and who you haven’t seen for many years. Occasionally your friend posts a photo on Facebook and when you see the photo, you feel the connection immediately. You are not with the person physically, but the connection is there. It’s the same with our loved ones, our family.

So, human love is really about connecting with that being, another soul. And not many people contemplate how to connect with another soul.

Anyone can go to a meeting place to find another human being—at the coffee shop, at the movies, at the pub, at a touch footy match. But not many people actually think about how to connect with another soul. And it is of a non-physical nature, in essence.

It is that soul connection which beautifies or enhances a physical connection, and without that essential connection the physical connection doesn’t have too much meaning in the long term.

When you get human love right, you will naturally feel connected with nature and with God.

You will naturally feel close to God without even really knowing how to define what God is. You’ll just feel in your heart that there is this presence, this being, close to you, guiding you, protecting you, communicating with you.

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