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Relationship Tips – A Must Know

If you’re looking for a relationship or you’re already in one, these relationship tips share practical & profound wisdom to light your way.

In the articles you will find the essence of how to love and be loved, what is needed to make relationships work, and how to manifest a beautiful relationship. The videos share easy-to-use ‘How-To’ guidance. So use these for practical tips on difficult relationship issues such as how to let go of the past, how to heal a broken heart and how to enjoy life.

You can use the Self Love Healing Meditation as often as you wish, to benefit from the energy healing with Divine Love. This is designed to help you to feel great and to be your very best self!

Want more inspiration? Then the Love and Relationship Quotes share timeless truths about this simple and yet magnificent human experience we call LOVE.


Wisdom to help you understand the nature of love, the nature of yourself, and how to make relationships work. From the basics of what love actually is, to the step-by-step detail of finding and maintaining beautiful relationships, there is a wealth of insight here to help.

Applying these simple teachings can help you to have just beautiful relationships. So you can experience the beauty and depth that relationships offer, and learn how to enjoy the journey together even through any challenges.

Article: What is love?

What is love? [Reading Time – 2 Minutes]

Master Sri Avinash was asked the question, “What is love?” In this simple and poetic response, he guides us back to what’s most important.

Article: How to love

How to love [Reading Time – 11 Minutes]

Learn how to love yourself and others by connecting with your true nature, which is actually love and wisdom itself.

Article: How to build healthy relationships

How to build healthy relationships [Reading Time – 12 Minutes]

Achieving beautiful relationships becomes easy when we know the true beauty of who we are. Because this enables us to share the journey with joy and harmony in all our relationships.

Article: Focus on Love

Focus on Love [Reading Time – 1 Minute]

“What is the best approach to deal with anger, jealousy, hatred, shame, remorse and guilt?” Master Sri Avinash’s delightful answer here is profound and straight-to-the-point.

Article: How to get over a breakup

How to get over a breakup [Reading Time – 4 Minutes]

A beautiful article that shares practical wisdom for how to get over a breakup – by going with life, and not against it, because going against life doesn’t work.

Relationship Tips | Article: How to Manifest

How to manifest [Reading Time – 12 Minutes]

When we know how to access the divine power within us—who we are and how we are designed—we can use it to manifest good relationships and good outcomes in every aspect of our life.

Self-Love Guided Meditation

Related videos: self love meditation

A powerful guided meditation with Divine Love energy healing to soothe and rejuvenate. Enjoy a journey deep into to your heart space, with beautiful nature sounds.

Viewing Time – 29 Minutes

Healthy Relationship Tips Videos

These free videos have guidance, wisdom and insights to help you enjoy healthy relationships and to navigate through any difficulties. The relationship tips are designed to help you be your best self, no matter what is happening. For example, gain insight on how to enjoy every moment, but also how to let go of the past, how to manage negative thoughts, and how to heal your past hurts and traumas.

By absorbing the wisdom here, you can give your best to your relationship and also to yourself. Indeed, you can live a beautiful life!

Advice for Relationships | Video: How to overcome past pain and trauma

How to Overcome Pain & Trauma

[Viewing Time – 29 Minutes]

Let go of past childhood pain, let go of the past relationships that have been holding you back and learn how to release trauma.

Advice for Relationships | Video: How to let go of the past

How to Let Go of the Past

[Viewing Time – 6 Minutes]

In this captivatingly simple video, understand the essence of what the past is, how it impacts you and how to let it go.

Advice for Relationships | Video: Awareness is the key

Awareness is the Key

[Viewing Time – 31 Minutes]

Learn why awareness is the key to help us achieve our wish of peace and happiness – in relationships and in all aspects of our life.

Advice for Relationships | Video: How to heal a broken heart

How to Heal a Broken Heart

[Viewing Time – 7 Minutes]

These practical and effective methods will lead to being happier, stronger and more resilient around relationship difficulties.

Advice for Relationships | Video: How to stop hurting the ones you love

How to Stop Hurting the Ones You Love

[Viewing Time – 3:35 Minutes]

Break the cycle of pain and stop yourself from hurting others as well as yourself as you go through life.

Advice for Relationships | Video: How to build beautiful relationships

How to Build Beautiful Relationships

[Viewing Time – 37 Minutes]

Be inspired by this enlightening talk on how to build beautiful relationships full of love, respect and trust.

How to let go of the fear “I’m not good enough”

[Viewing Time – 4 Minutes]

When you clear all the judgements out, what you’re left with is peace, love, wisdom, clarity and joy.