Wellbeing Article: What is love
Wellbeing Article: what is love?

What is love?

Master Sri Avinash was asked the question, “What is love?” In this simple and poetic response to such a profound question, he guides us back to what’s most important.

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I can tell you what love is not. Love is not a discussion, love is not a study, love is not a game.

Love is just love. We all know what love is. Have the courage to live it.

Can we not see love in our life? Have we not experienced love? Of course we have. When we were born we were the embodiment of love. The way your mother or father first looked at you—they were in love with you.

You’ve experienced love. In your heart you know what love is. Nothing can take that away.

So that is not the issue—not knowing what love is.

The issue is we need to live this love, express this love, every moment in our life. That’s the issue. Not that we don’t know it. Instead of expressing love we express fear. We express too much fear.

But I didn’t come to this planet to define love. I came to this planet to encourage the love that we know in our hearts—to express that more, to live that more.

How can I start to feel love when I feel no love in my life or in myself?

If your drink bottle is empty, what do you do? You fill it up.

If you feel like you have no love, then that means you feel empty of love. So what you need to do is fill up that bottle. Fill yourself with love.

And thank God for this one ultimate truth—that we’re all one. Because if we don’t know how to fill this love in us, all we have to do is be loving and kind towards others. And not just a person—it could be an animal, nature, a butterfly, anything.

When you do that, because we’re all one with everything, suddenly the love that you give to another fills up your own bottle.

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