Focus on Love

A Message from Sri Avinash

Doon Doon, NSW Australia.

When you look at the night sky full of stars, do you focus on the brightness of the stars or do you focus on the darkness of the night sky? What do you see? You see the stars, the bright stars, don’t you?

So don’t focus on negative emotions like jealousy, anger and anxiety—focus on the stars, the light of love. Cultivate that, feel that, work that, express that, absorb that. Then suddenly you don’t see the jealousy and anger anymore. You know the dark sky is there, but all you see is the bright stars, all you see is love.

Focus on love, cultivate love. Don’t worry about jealousy and anger and these other negative emotions—let that all take care of itself. Focus on love.

Nobody can ever overcome anger, nobody can ever overcome jealousy. Nobody can do such a thing. They can only cultivate love, and then those negative emotions will just disappear.

It’s like when a gardener gets rid of the weeds by strengthening the grass. Take care of the grass, fertilize the grass, make the grass really strong, and it will just outgrow the weeds.

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