Article: How to manifest
Article: How to manifest

How to manifest

By accessing your divine power

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When we know how to access the divine power within us, we can understand how to manifest in every aspect of our life.

The divine power within us is who we are, how we are designed, our divine being. Or you can call it our Godliness or our Supreme Being.

It’s like your parents or grandparents gave you some holiday money, and now it’s time for you to enjoy it. In the same way, the Source gave us this power and it’s time for us to enjoy it. There’s no use having this divine power and not knowing about it or about how to manifest with it, and thinking it’s all just wishy-washy stuff.

Our innate connection with the Creator

The first thing to understand is that we are one with the Source, the Creator, God, whatever words you call it. We’re connected, we are not separate.

Enlightenment means you remember that fully. You’re not better than anybody else, you just remember that. And when you’re not enlightened yet, you don’t remember that fully. That’s the only difference! And whether we remember or not, we’re actually the same.

Now, because we are connected with the Source that means we’re connected with whatever power the Source has. We are not separate from that power, in the same way that the water in the river that flows into the ocean is not different to the water in the ocean. I don’t mean in a philosophy sense—it is literally the same.

What that means is that in our being we have this creative power.

I’m sure many of you have heard of this before, but I really want to show you how to utilize it in a very easy way, not abstract and philosophical.

How it all works

The Source has such power that whatever the Creator wants to see, it just happens. It happens. That’s how God created the whole universe. Basically, God was so excited that the big bang happened in an instant—bang!

The big bang is basically this idea God had that, “I know I’m magnificent. I can’t experience greater than what I’m feeling—my magnificence, my joy, my love, my all knowing, my power—I can’t feel better than this.” And then suddenly God had the idea that, “I can actually improve on this.” And then God just got so excited that it happened in an instant.

The idea was this—“If I split myself into trillions and trillions of parts, each one will experience itself separately, as if it’s separate.” So in other words, “I get to experience my magnificence, at its peak level, in trillions of different ways.”

That idea was so amazing, God got so excited and just saw it happening and boom—the whole universe was created.

What that means is that because we’re connected to the Source, that divine power is actually in us.

So if we can access that divine power, that is how to manifest.

And the speed of that manifesting depends on your faith, your conviction. If you have 100% conviction you can make it happen instantly.

How to manifest healing

When I’m healing 500 people in a hall, how am I doing that? I’m actually tapping into that divine power, by knowing that whatever I see will become reality. That knowing in me starts to become reality.

When I heal a large crowd at the same time, I heal their back, I heal their shoulders, I heal their depression, anxiety, all sorts of things. Let’s take, for example, a bulging disc in the back:

  • The first thing I see is that everyone in the hall is one. So when I see that, that becomes reality to me.
  • Then I move to the lower back of that group as one. In other words, it’s like everybody has one back and I go to the lower back.
  • I start to see the spine, the vertebrae, gently stretching out, not compressed.
  • Then I pull the bulging disk back in, moving it to the perfect position. I see it happening and I lock it in there.
  • I see the bone and the muscles and nerves healing up as well.
  • And I see all the energy around it is cleared and flowing beautifully.

At the end of the healing session I ask everybody to put their hand up if they could feel their condition improved—by 50%, 75% or 100%. People put their hands up and a lot of hands still remain at the 100% improvement.

Now, I’m no different to you. I’m absolutely no different to you. So, how can I do that? You should be able to do that too.

Divine power is creative

In this article I am telling you how to use this divine power. This is not about teaching you how to heal someone’s lower back. This is about how to create, how to manifest. 

I’m actually creating that reality. I’m creating what’s called a perfect back healing, seeing it as reality.

When someone has a physical or mental condition, it is caused by past fear and conditioning. The fear causes a blockage in that area, culminating in the manifestation of that condition. 

That fear is the past, so I’m actually putting a new reality to it and seeing it right now—what I want to see right now—and then that becomes reality. The past is gone!

Then suddenly the person says, “Oh my back feels better. The pain is gone.” It seems magical, but it’s not. It’s not, when you understand how this all works.

Creative power to manifest

How to manifest the life you want

Now, that means whatever you want to see in your life, you literally just design it. You design it.

If you want happiness in your life, what you’ve got to do is just see it. Just see it happening. Don’t look at the unhappiness in your life or the things that make you unhappy. Don’t look at what you don’t want to see. Only see what you want to see.

For you to be able to do that, you can’t use your physical eyes to see because these eyes can only see the past—whatever they see in you and your outside world is actually the past. If you’re seeing unhappiness, you’re actually seeing the past culminating and manifesting in this reality—what you’re calling unhappiness. So you’ve got to actually ignore that. You’ve got to let that past go.

In the same way, if people in the crowd have lower back pain or a bulging disc or any other condition when I’m healing, I’m not believing that past. I know the condition existed in the past, but now I don’t see that anymore.

I’m creating a new reality because I know what I see will become reality. In other words, what I see will be.

What if I don’t see instant results?

Sometimes there can be a bit of a delay because there are two factors here:

  1. Our level of faith; and
  2. We have to feel compassionate to God’s factory workers to actually deliver that.

We have to feel compassionate to God’s factory workers to actually deliver that. It’s like you have to package it, go to the post office and send it away, and then it has to get delivered and when you open it—boom—it happens!

The universe has to put it together, so sometimes there’s a bit of a delay. Be patient—just know that it’s happening.

I always say, if you’re ordering something on eBay you know it’s on the way. I know you’re excited to get your thing, but just know, “It’s on the way.”

Ignore the past

So, you’ve got to let go of your past. Don’t rely on what your physical  eyes see. And if you sometimes get a feeling of sadness, misery and burden, don’t believe it!

Use your common sense. If you’ve got a cut, I’m not saying don’t believe it. Put a bandaid on it. Use common sense. I’m not telling you to think, “It’s not there. It’s not there.” Because the past has manifested that cut. What you’ve got to do now is just see it heal up and help it with a bandaid.

So, ignore the past and just see the reality now. That is the ultimate manifestation principle!

If you see the past, manifestation will not work. Or, it takes three lifetimes for your order to come. So therefore you don’t see it happen in your reality.

That’s how manifestation works

So, you’ve got to know how it works. You’ve got to just not see the past!

The reason why I’m emphasizing that so much is because if we don’t get that, it just won’t work. It won’t work because we’ll be trying to see a reality but we’re thinking, “Ohhh I don’t believe it. I’m just seeing misery.”

In other words, you’re seeing your past—the past is stronger for you. You’re seeing with these eyes, thinking, “You cannot tell me I’m not financially poor because my car breaks down, I’ve got no home, I’ve got nothing.”

I’m telling you, that’s your past. Don’t see it like that. I’m not saying there’s something wrong with being financially poor, I’m just sharing that what you see becomes your reality.

How to manifest a relationship

Many people may wish and dream to have the perfect, ideal partner. They’re alone and they want to share the journey together with another person, have a companion, so they don’t feel alone. They want to feel connected, and they want someone that’s nice and decent, and listens to them and loves them and doesn’t cause them trouble.

Actually, relationships are not really designed for that. Relationships are designed to bring us together to clash and conflict, and that makes us go into the centre of our being, so we find the divine being inside us. That’s how we become happy. It’s not about depending on another person to give us happiness.

Anyway, let’s say that you have a wish to have a partner like that. Don’t start thinking, “I hope someone like that is going to come into my life, and I’ll just keep waiting and hoping that it’s going to come.” And then after some time you think, “Oh, it will never happen.”

No, don’t think like that.

You just see it happening! You just see that.

See that the person who doesn’t have those qualities won’t come to you. See the one that has pure love for you, and is not trying to control you, and who just loves for you to be free and light—see that person as your partner.

It doesn’t hurt to see the person as very wise too! Not someone who is messed up and tells you to do messed up things so you both start drowning emotionally. It doesn’t hurt to see the person as very wise. Wise means what they think, do and say leads to harmony—it leads to harmony and happiness for everybody. That’s what you call wisdom.

You might as well put in there that they’re a good cook too. So you see them stirring the pot and you see someone that loves cooking, doesn’t feel it’s a burden. Because you don’t want someone who is a champion chef but it’s a burden to them. You want someone that enjoys cooking and puts love in the food, so when you eat it you can feel, “Oh my God, I can feel their love.”

How to manifest abundance

If you’re struggling financially, just see yourself having abundance. Having abundance. Having abundance. Having abundance. It doesn’t mean you see yourself as having more abundance and other people as having less abundance. Just see abundance as normal. Just see that you don’t have money issues. See that whenever you need money, it just comes, it just comes.

It helps to have the attitude that when abundance manifests you know the value of it. It’s like you have a friendship with it. It’s like you’re saying, “Hi, how are you doing! Where have you been? I haven’t seen you for a while? Take a seat and let me make you some tea. Let’s have a chat.” See it like your friend. Just see it, even though nothing is looking like that, just see yourself welcoming abundance like welcoming a dear friend.

Manifest abundance, health, happiness

Manifesting health and happiness

So, you can see that manifesting a relationship or manifesting abundance is no different to the example that I shared before about healing someone’s lower back. It’s identical—it’s the same principle.

You can see how you can use this for everything, including health and happiness.

For your health, if you have any pains or problems in your health, just see that problem becoming perfect. See it healing up. See the ligaments and the tendons and the nerves. See, Ooh it’s healing up, it’s healing up.” See it happen. See it in perfect condition!

Prayer to support manifestation

Now, I want to share one more thing to help you know how to be the creator that you are.

Of course we try to manifest that what we see will be. We ignore the past, we ignore what’s in front of our eyes. We just want to see our new reality. We create a new situation.

But the problem is our doubt kicks in. We have a lot of doubts like, “I’ve never done this before. Oh, I’m not sure about this. It may not work. It might work for him, but it doesn’t mean it will work for me.” All this doubt kicks in.

So, to help you to squash down that doubt, as you’re seeing the new reality happen, at the same time you pray to God. It’s not like you’re praying and just waiting for it to happen.

You just assume that God is delivering it, because God is really nice.

In my opinion God is really nice, and nice people help you out! That’s the God that I know and the God that has helped me with everything I do. God is helping me to help you! That is the God that I know, and I know God is nice.

An example: a prayer for health

So, when we’re honest and sincere to ask God for help, just know that God has already approved it. As you’re seeing your health get better—your knee pain or whatever condition you have, mental illness, physical illness—just see it like perfect.

If it’s a mental illness, just see that you have peace, strength and equanimity. See that your mind is not nervous. And as you see that, you’re praying to God at the same time. You’re actually seeing God take over and manifest it with you.

It’s like you’re working together with God. You’re not thinking, “Ok God, you do it, I’m off to play tennis now.” It’s not that mindset. You’re seeing God help manifest it, almost like you’re with God, together seeing it happen.

It’s like you’re sitting there with God, seeing it happen, but you know God’s doing everything.

Another remedy for doubt

If it doesn’t happen immediately, don’t let your mind doubt. Just know the next truth is that it’s on delivery. Because you’re not the only one—there are many people praying to God, so you’re in the queue. But it’s going to happen! It’s going to happen, 100%. Don’t doubt that.

And if you do doubt that, here’s another secret. I’m sharing with you all the secrets! If you doubt, “Oh God might have forgotten, or put me on the bottom of the list…” Then, you do it again. You do the same thing again the next day. You pray again, you see it happen and you see God doing it for you.

That way, it’s like you’re reminding God, “Don’t forget.” But the truth is God hasn’t forgotten. It’s your doubt that makes it not happen. So this is just a technique to make you overcome your doubt, that’s all. It’s actually not that God has forgotten.

You can manifest anything

I’m not saying it’s easy to manifest these things. It takes effort to wrestle against that mind of doubting and seeing misery. All the mind sees is misery. All it sees is the past, the past, the past.

It takes effort to just ignore that and see what I’m seeing, what I’m sharing with you. But when you honestly, humbly do that, you get better at it and before you know it you have faith! You have faith, and with that faith you can manifest anything.

When you’re able to manifest whatever you like in your life, you don’t waste your time manifesting things that are irrelevant for you. You know what is really of value and you go for the best! You don’t waste your time with immaterial things. You go for the most joyful, glorious beauty in your life. That will happen naturally. That type of thing is just natural when you have that level of faith.

Inspiration to manifest

Why shouldn’t we do that? This is our connection with the Source, our divine connection. This is natural in us. It’s been given to us, so why shouldn’t we use it? Use it.

This method is so much more powerful than just mental manifestation. It’s a thousand times faster and a thousand times more powerful. Because God doesn’t create mentally, by working things out and analysing and working it out. No. It’s just—bang! Like how the big bang happened in an instant. 

So all I have left to say is go ahead and use all the secrets you’ve learned here to manifest your ultimate reality, the life you’ve always dreamed of.

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