How to Manifest by Accessing Divine Power

In every aspect of your life

When we know how to access the divine power within us, we can understand how to manifest in every aspect of our life. In this remarkable talk, Master Sri Avinash shares the secret to accessing divine power and how to use it to manifest abundance, health, happiness and goodness in our lives and in the world.

Master Sri Avinash explains that by our very nature we are connected to the Source, the Creator, and so we have that same creative power within us. In this video he covers the essential aspects of how to manifest, including how to overcome the obstacle of doubt and how to invoke Divine support.

He says, “It takes effort, but when you honestly, humbly do that, you get better at it and before you know it you have faith! You have faith, and with that faith you can manifest anything… Why shouldn’t we do that? This is our connection with the Source, our divine connection. This is natural in us. It’s been given to us, so why shouldn’t we use it? This method is so much more powerful than just mental manifestation. It’s a thousand times faster and a thousand times more powerful.”

Watch the video now to understand how to use our hidden power to transform our lives for the better.

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