The Core Spiritual Practices

In this article, Master Sri Avinash responds to the question, “On the path to enlightenment, what are the core or basic spiritual practices for us to focus on?” Read on to see what he shares as his top 4 practices.

Reading time: 11 minutes

#1 Spiritual Practice

The first spiritual practice that a person should strive to do is to be a beautiful human being. That’s practice number one—to be a warm person.

Need we study what a warm person is? No. You don’t need to study this. We know, from our own life experience, what that entails. There’s no need to do a PhD on it. From our life experience, we’ve met people who are more cold towards us and we’ve met people who are very warm towards us. So we know what a warm-hearted person is.

So the first core practice is to be a beautiful human being, and a beautiful human being is a warm-hearted, loving person.

To be a warm-hearted person we need to be strong. Because sometimes a person treats us like dirt, looks down at us, puts us down, is rude to us. Well you need to be strong. If we are weak, we won’t be able to be warm-hearted towards that person.

You’ve got to be strong. If a person treats you like dirt and you treat the person like dirt back—anyone can do that. But when the person treats you like dirt and you treat the person like an angel, you have to be strong. It’s not easy.

Of course it’s not easy, but everything is not easy. Walking for the first time is not easy, for a baby. They say an iPhone is very user-friendly, but it’s not easy when you use it for the first time. Nothing is easy. But if we are sincere, if we know what we are trying to do, if we know the picture in our heart, what we want to be, then we can slowly work at it as a spiritual practice.

So what does a picture of a beautiful, warm hearted human being look like? Like a grandfather towards his grandson. Warm, like that, but towards everybody.

There are no rules that say be warm to only my friends, only my family, only those of my nationality, only animal lovers, only vegetarians, only spiritual people. Because that will limit the warmth. It’s like living in a mansion, but you don’t know any other room except the bathroom—we eat, sleep, and live in the bathroom only. Living in this way we will never realize the magnificence of our potential.

We have to let go of all those limiting rules and be warm and loving towards all.

We should remember two things for this spiritual practice—loving towards all, and no matter what. Then from that perspective or attitude, we can use this whole mansion called planet earth. We can enjoy, and together celebrate life.

We can travel, we can sit still, we can be single, we can have a partner, we can have eight children, one child or none at all. It doesn’t matter—if a person chooses to be single, then you are a beautiful, warm-hearted, single person. If you choose to be a person that has eight children, then you are a beautiful, warm-hearted, father or mother.

And if you choose to be a traveller around the world then you are a beautiful, warm-heated, traveller. If you don’t want to travel around the world, if you just want to stay in one spot, then you are a beautiful, warm-hearted, hermit. You see—it doesn’t matter what you’re doing.

Spiritual Practice #1 - Be a beautiful human being