The Truth About Enlightenment

The truth about what an enlightened person is really like

Master Sri Avinash shares the truth about enlightenment. “Beautifully normal”, is how he describes it. The ordinariness of Enlightenment will surprise so many, yet still, deeply resonate as spiritual Master Sri Avinash shares the truth about what an Enlightened person is truly like.

Sri Avinash said, “Enlightenment is when you become a normal person, like a baby in an adult’s body. You glow like a baby, you have vitality like a baby, and you have energy like a baby – you’re unstoppable.”

Hear the rest in this honest and very funny short talk.

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Master Sri Avinash was asked, “Why does spiritual awakening take so long?”

The spiritual journey should never be rushed, he explains. Rather, we should try to enjoy every moment.

The reasons why it can take a long time are shared here in this talk. But more importantly, Master Sri Avinash shares the tips to make the journey to self-realization more meaningful, efficient and fun.

As someone who has walked the path to enlightenment himself, the wisdom Sri Avinash shares in this talk is a must for any seeker looking for spiritual guidance. Here, you will find inspiration on the journey home to your true Self.

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