Spiritual Transformation Article: One Step Towards God
Spiritual Transformation Article: One Step Towards God

One Step Towards God

A curious disciple asked Master Sri Avinash, “Is it true that if we take one step towards God, God takes 100 steps towards us?” His answer is very clear – yes!

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Sometimes you see a mother and her little child at the beach, and the child is running towards the mother. The child has very little legs and he’s wobbling and running, wobbling and running, on the soft sand.

The mother will watch him run a little bit and then the mother will run towards the child, to pick him up. The child’s step is small and very slow compared to the mother’s, so the mother will approach the child a hundred times faster than the child can approach the mother.

Well, that’s how God feels.

When God knows you’re coming home and you’re wobbling towards God, God will be running towards you. God will be sprinting in excitement.

It’s the same as a mother who will laugh and smile as she runs towards the child—she can’t wait to just pick up the child, so the child doesn’t have to run and tire himself. God will feel the same way.

When you strive to come home to your true nature, God will be so excited to help you. God will be watching you, day and night, day and night. Even when you’re sleeping, God will be watching. Even in your dreams, God will be protecting you.

So the day that you come home to God, the day that you attain enlightenment, it feels like a child who has just been picked up by its mother. Because the whole time God is supporting, guiding, nudging, blocking danger, blocking obstacles, encouraging you—“Come on, go, run, run!”

And God absolutely loves it, just like the mother who sees her child running towards her.

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