Spiritual Transformation Article: Gurus
Spiritual Transformation Article: Gurus


In the West, the idea of a spiritual Guru is little understood. In this post, Master Sri Avinash demystifies this concept, drawing on his experience of growing up in the West. He describes what a Guru really is, how to tell if someone is a true Guru (‘Sadguru’ in Sanskrit), the benefits of having a Guru, and more.

Reading Time – 10 minutes

What is a Guru?

A Guru, also known as a Spiritual Master or Sadguru, is an individual who has achieved perfect equanimity of mind, or enlightenment, and is able to transmit this state and knowledge to others. 

With their profound wisdom and power, they can accelerate the spiritual seeker’s progress by helping them overcome obstacles and confusion, and by clearing their negative tendencies.

The Guru also transmits to the seeker inner strength and power to help them on their path. With the help and guidance of a Guru, the seeker’s path becomes both beautiful and successful.

How does the world benefit from the presence of Gurus?

The world benefits not just from what the enlightened Guru does but from the vibration of the Guru, in the same way that if it’s winter we benefit from the warmth of the sun.

It is the high vibration of the Gurus that is keeping the world out of chaos. Without them, the world’s collective consciousness or vibration would be unbearable.

The Guru’s vibration is so powerful that, even though there are so few Gurus in comparison to the world population, the world is at a level where it can continue the journey.

It is the Guru’s vibration that benefits the world, so it doesn’t matter if they’re teaching or not. When a Master chooses to teach, to directly help to increase the vibration of others, there lies the greatness of that Master. But overall, it is their vibration, their presence, that is working to help the world day and night, day and night.

It is said that as soon as we have a thought, it goes across the universe and back in less than a second. That’s powerful! So even if the Guru is not teaching in the world, their vibration is pulsating across the universe and back at high frequency, over and over. They could be sitting in the Himalayas, in the forest, in the snow or in a cave, but their vibration is uplifting the planet. Then we can understand the benefit to the world—we don’t need a calculator to work it out!

Appreciating Gurus