How to Overcome Fear | Conquer Your Fear | Overcome Fear and Anxiety
How to Overcome Fear | Conquer Your Fear | Overcome Fear and Anxiety

How to overcome fear

Master Healer Sri Avinash shares timeless wisdom and practical tools to help you understand how to overcome fear and anxiety, so you can live life in your authentic state of strength, calm and happiness.

What is fear?

To understand how to overcome fear and anxiety, and to know how to conquer fear altogether, let’s look at what fear actually is. Fear is the opposite of love. Like light is the opposite of darkness.

Fear is this thing that tenses you up and makes you contract.

When a person has fear of public speaking, they contract. When a person is fearful of a situation, their voice will go a bit funny because they’re not relaxed—their muscles contract and they can’t speak properly.

The key to overcome fear

Fear is who you are not. Who you are is love. So to get rid of fear, you have to cultivate love.

We need to live love, express love, every moment in our life. When the light increases, darkness will decrease. So when love increases, fear will decrease.

To cultivate love, love people, be kind to people. Try your best to do that. Try your best with that intention, with that purpose. You can also cultivate love by practicing meditation, which helps you to dwell in the meditation state—a state of love and fearlessness. 

And then slowly, over time, you’ll be able to conquer your fear. Then, in the challenging situations in life where fear would arise, you’ll be relaxed in love instead of contracting in fear.

How to overcome fear and anxiety | Quote: be shaken into love

How to overcome fear and anxiety

To overcome fear and anxiety, first it helps to understand where anxiety comes from. Every mental disturbance is really caused by one thing: emotions. And emotions are ‘energy in motion’. Jealousy, anger, loneliness, sadness—these are all different forms of energy in motion. And they are not who you really are. 

Who you are is love, happiness, peace and joy. And you can feel these states when your energy is not moving.

Perfect stillness of energy is perfect peace, perfect happiness, which is who you are.

When we are not thinking, our energy is calm. Every time you think, your energy moves. So you can see that emotions and nervousness are caused by your mind overthinking or over-worrying.

To overcome fear and anxiety, you need to use tools or techniques to still the energy within you. When your energy is in its natural state of stillness and love, anxiety and fear will disappear.

Guided meditation for anxiety

This guided healing meditation for anxiety is designed to bring stillness and build up inner strength, so you can be free from uncontrollable feelings of nervousness and worry. Throughout the meditation, Master Healer Sri Avinash uses high-frequency energies like love, peace, fearlessness, joy, lightness and chi energy. Using these energies, he clears away negative energies such as fear, nervousness and doubt.

As well as clearing out the negative energies, he actually replaces those energies with the divine, high-frequency energies of love, peace, joy etc.

This is an incredible tool that you can use as often as you like, to really help you to conquer your fears and anxieties.

How to overcome fear of confrontation

To conquer fear of confrontation, have strength. Then, because of that strength, when we confront a situation or a person, we are not afraid.

So we have to build up that strength. And strength comes from the love of oneself, the love of others, the love of the world and the love of God.

And once we have that strength in us then the fear of confrontation will not be there. The fear of anything won’t be there. Because the fear of confrontation is the fear that when we have to deal with somebody we don’t get along with, or encounter a difficult situation, we will get disturbed and feel uncomfortable. That’s the fear.

But if we have the strength in us, then we will be comfortable in the uncomfortableness, so we can face any situation.

What if someone is meaning to harm me?

Love has many responses, and sometimes the response is to protect ourselves. It’s like when you go near the edge of a cliff and you look over, it feels scary so you step back. That fear is actually love—self-love. The fear of heights is innate in us. It is self-love for our physical existence. It tries its best not to let you go too close to the edge. In that sense, to protect yourself is actually love.

When somebody means to do us harm, if we try to think of how we should respond, and we try to figure out which response is loving or not, that is actually the wrong way to look at it.

The truth is when we have love, our response will be love-sponsored.

That love-sponsored response is sometimes an action and sometimes it is inaction. Sometimes we say something, sometimes we don’t say something, but love will know.

If somebody tries to harm us, sometimes love will respond with peaceful confrontation. Other times love will just keep quiet. It is not helpful to ask which one is love, because you can confront without being loving but you can also confront with love. And the other person will pick up the difference straight away.

Sometimes you might be in a situation with someone where if you say or do something that is not love-sponsored—in other words, if you do something judgemental or fear-sponsored—the person could become physically violent. It is the love and the peace inside you that will determine whether speaking to them will calm them down, or whether saying nothing will actually calm them down.

Often, a person only has two responses—shall I do something or shall I not do something? They actually forget the other perspective—am I loving towards the person? In other words, am I peaceful towards the person or am I not peaceful?

They ask their friends, “Shall I speak to the person or shall I not speak to the person? Shall I do something or shall I not do something?” That’s the only advice they tend to ask. But there are so many ways to respond to a situation, and if the response is love-sponsored the outcome will always be harmony.

Conquer your fears - quote - a love-sponsored response will always lead to harmony

Now, love is not weak. Someone may be soft and gentle but it doesn’t mean they are weak or fearful, because if there is love inside us, there is strength there. We don’t have to show our scary face to make a person back off. There are many ways to respond when the response is love-sponsored.

Fear of change

When a person is afraid of change, that is because change means an uncertain future. Change means, “I don’t know what’s going to happen,” and they are afraid of that. For example, when you change to a new job you might feel, “I don’t know if it’s going to be a good workplace or not, and I don’t know if I’ll last there for long, but I have to pay the mortgage…”

Change generally implies the future, and relates to uncertainty. So if you are uncomfortable in uncertainty, then you will absolutely hate change. Whereas if you are comfortable in uncertainty then you love change, and you actually get excited about it.

As a matter of fact, we should be excited about uncertainty, because uncertainty is actually the condition for excitement. But when a person is not trained to overcome fear of uncertainty, and their fear of not being in control of the future, they will be afraid of change.

How to conquer your fear of change

The nature of life itself is change. Everything is changing, and even we are changing. When you look in the mirror, you are not the same person you were five or ten years ago.

They say that after seven years every cell of your body has regenerated and is actually completely brand new. It’s like you are a different person. The old physical body, the bones, the old self, has all disappeared.

We can’t stop change. Who can stop the seasons? Nobody. Life is constantly changing—from the seasons, to the colour of your hair.

To conquer your fear of change, the wisest thing you can do is to learn how to fit in with change.

It’s like a surfer who waits for a good wave to come so they can just ride the wave—they’re not pushing themself into the shore, because the wave is taking them in. In other words, a wise person will ride the wave of change and that’s how to conquer fear of change.

A person who is inexperienced in life will resist change, or be fearful of change. Their life will feel very traumatic because they can’t control the changes. If you look at your life, you can see it’s constantly changing and you can’t control it. One moment we are in good health and suddenly we have a painful toothache. Change.

So a wise person trains themself to fit in with change, to become like water, flexible in perspective and understanding. Then they will just flow with change. Their life becomes like the surfer on top of the wave just riding it in. Beautiful! The surfer is laughing on top of the wave, feeling, “Wow, what a great wave!”

How to overcome fear - quote - don't think; go with the flow

Enlightenment is how to overcome fear completely

Enlightenment is when you have no more suffering. You have no emotional trauma and you are not trapped in your emotion. You go through life fearlessly, no matter what you face. 

One Master was asked, “Do you have any preference in life?” And he said, “No.” And they said to him, “But if you had one preference in life, what would it be?” He said, “If I had one preference in life, it would be that whatever shows up is my preference.”  

So enlightenment is like that—whatever shows up is your preference. Wherever and however life takes you, you totally embrace it. You’re grateful for it. The so-called good and bad, you’re grateful for both, equally. 

Another way to look at it is that you are totally surrendered to life, like a leaf that falls off a tree—the destiny of that leaf could go in any direction, depending on which way the wind is going to blow at that moment. The leaf has no resistance. It doesn’t have any preference to go in the opposite direction to the wind. 

So enlightenment is a totally surrendered state where God runs your life.

If you want to be peaceful and happy and fearless, and to go through life equipped to enjoy it, then start striving towards enlightenment. That is the only outcome that will overcome fear completely. Because fear cannot exist when you are in the present moment.

How to overcome fear - quote - don't think; go with the flow


Fear is the opposite of love, and love is our true nature—who we are. So to overcome fear, we need to cultivate love. We can do this by being kind to others at every opportunity, and we can also practice meditation, which brings us to our true and natural state of love, peace and happiness.

This guided meditation for anxiety is an incredibly powerful tool to help you overcome fear and anxiety, and bring you to your natural state of love and calm. Use this guided meditation regularly to conquer fear in the easiest way possible.

Those people who conquer fear completely and permanently are said to have attained the state of enlightenment, which is a state of perfect equanimity and peace.

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