Wellbeing Article: How to face challenges
Wellbeing Article: How to face challenges

The best way to face challenges

We always hope that life will go well for us in relationships, work and health, but in reality we all have to face challenges. In this article, Master Sri Avinash shares a new perspective to life—an attitude towards challenges—that is empowering and leads to peace and happiness in whatever situations life brings us.

We hope life goes smoothly

I’d like to talk about a silent prayer that the whole world is making, whether they know it or not, and how this silent prayer has led to disturbance and disaster when we face challenges.

You can see nearly everybody in the world is living this prayer, and the prayer is: I hope that life brings me smoothness, I hope life brings me easiness, I hope life does not give me difficult situations.

Everybody is praying that the husband or wife they meet will be a nice person and their relationship will be easy. Everybody is praying that the job they get is a smooth and prosperous job. Everybody is hoping that the business that they go into will be a success. Everybody is hoping that sickness will not come to them.

Now there is nothing wrong with thinking like this. In fact, one can see that as positive thinking. But that’s not how life is.

The true nature of life’s challenges

Anyone who lives life for some time—30, 40, 50 years—will realise that, not only their own lives, but other people’s lives, are not like this. They will realize that the job rarely goes smoothly. The relationship is often not sweet and harmonious. And we have all experienced sickness at some time in our lives, and seen sickness in the lives of our loved ones.

So life itself is not like the prayer that I mentioned earlier. In life we have to face challenges.

To hope that life treats you smoothly, to hope that things go according to your plan, is like a cricket player who goes in to bat during a test match, the highest level in cricket, and hopes that the opposition doesn’t bowl too fast and doesn’t bowl too well. That’s not going to happen because the opposition will give you the fastest ball, the biggest bouncers, and the best delivery to get you out.

In some ways, life is like that. Life will get you out, life will challenge you.

So it may appear that to hope life treats you smoothly is a positive approach, but it goes against the nature of things because that’s not how life is. That’s not the nature of life.

Strength to face challenges

I’d like to share a different approach, another prayer that one should make instead of this prayer that life will treat you smoothly and everything will go your way.

We should pray, and put all our energy toward the prayer, that we develop the strength to face any challenge or situation that life gives us.

That is a much better prayer.

Taking the cricket example from earlier, it’s like going to bat against the fastest bowler in the world and having the attitude, “Give me your best shot ’cause I’m ready for it.”

This approach, this perspective, will give the batsman the best chance to play his or her best. It will give the batsman the best chance to score half a century or even their dream century.

Nearly everyone in the whole world has not adopted this second approach. I’m not concerned about ‘wrong’ or ‘right’, this is not about wrong or right. But the outcome of the first prayer of, “Please give me a smooth life,” is a formula for disaster when challenges hit us.

A new attitude helps us to face challenges

The second perspective, the second prayer, is a much better one. Instead of hoping for life to be smooth, develop the strength to face any situation. It’s a prayer or a perspective that leads to peace and happiness. It’s a prayer of empowerment and strength.

From this second perspective, one puts all their energy into preparing, being alert and ready for any situation. Whatever situation comes in life, we are ready for it. So it gives us the best chance to face any challenges in life.


One should not hope for life to treat you smoothly and that things go your way. One should be prepared to face challenges and gather the strength and preparation for the storm of life whenever it comes, so that we are in the best situation to face it.