Wellbeing Article: Guided Meditation for Anxiety
Wellbeing Article: Guided Meditation for Anxiety

Guided meditation for anxiety

Use this healing guided meditation for anxiety to bring yourself back to your natural state of inner stillness. Feel the peace of the authentic nature sounds, and receive healing energy for your nervous system throughout the meditation.

In the article, Master Healer Sri Avinash explains in clear and simple terms what causes anxiety, why meditation for anxiety works, and the benefits you can experience.

What causes anxiety?

To get the most out of this guided meditation for anxiety, it is helpful to know what causes anxiety.

Every mental disturbance is really caused by one thing: emotions. And emotions are ‘energy in motion’. Jealousy, anger, loneliness, sadness—these are all different forms of energy in motion. 

Happiness and joy come from peace, and peace happens when your energy is not moving. Perfect stillness of energy is perfect peace, perfect happiness.

When we are not thinking, our energy is calm. Every time you think, your energy moves. So you can see that emotions and nervousness are caused by your mind overthinking or over-worrying.

How the mind thinks

You can be thinking about your life, thinking about why your life is not working, thinking about how to solve your problems, thinking this, thinking that, thinking, thinking. The mind only knows one thing: how to think. Or, more accurately, it only knows how to think negatively. That’s the mind.

People talk about ‘positive thinking’, but the mind actually doesn’t know how to think positively.

You might sometimes start off with positive thinking, and then you keep on thinking, you work your way through trying to solve something, how to find a solution, and then you end up feeling nervous. Because thinking, thinking, thinking, creates emotions—movement of energy, which is non-peace.

So the aim of Sri Avinash’s guided meditation for anxiety is to stop all the thinking.

Anxiety is being trapped in the mind

Of course, when energy moves like this for one minute, or two minutes or five minutes, that’s fine. An hour is not too bad. But when that energy just keeps on moving, moving and then stops for a moment, and then repeats again, and that continues for days or weeks, you will start to feel anxiety. If it continues for a year or more, you will be diagnosed with anxiety and probably depression as well.

So anxiety happens over years, it doesn’t happen in five minutes. And when it continues for such a long time, you feel trapped and can’t get out of it.

You could be in a beautiful mansion, but if you’re locked there and can’t get out for many years, you’re not going to feel peaceful. In the same way, being trapped in the moving, non-peace energy creates this feeling of anxiety and suffering, and you want to get out of it. You want to get out of it but you can’t, so it feels like your spirit is jumping out of you.

Anxiety affects the nervous system

Anxiety is a mental illness that very heavily affects your nervous system. As I mentioned, when you have that anxiety energy, you feel nervousness and you can’t control it. And when your energy is moving, moving, moving like that, your nervous system can’t cope. It’s almost like an inner tremor, and it scares you or freaks you out. At a very high level, they call it an ‘anxiety attack’.

Master Sri Avinash’s guided meditation for anxiety is particularly useful because it includes healing for the nervous system.

Guided meditation for anxiety

To overcome anxiety, you need to use tools or techniques to still the energy within you. When your energy is in its natural state of stillness, anxiety will disappear.

Master Healer Sri Avinash’s guided meditation for anxiety is designed to bring stillness and build up inner strength, so you can be free from uncontrollable feelings of nervousness and worry.

In this guided meditation he brings you to the divine energies and meditation states that are naturally within you.

Your nervous system feeds on, and loves and gets nourished by, calmness and peace. That’s the food for your nervous system. So use this healing guided meditation for anxiety as often as you need, and your energy will become still once more.

Sri Avinash’s powerful guided healing meditation for anxiety relief clears negative and agitated energies from the head and brain area. The clearing also relieves the nervous system.

With these energies cleared, you can feel relaxed, calm and enjoying that sense of spaciousness within you once more, free from the burdens you once carried.*

Viewing time: 27 minutes