Meditation Resources Article: How to control your mind
Meditation Resources Article: How to control your mind

How to control your mind

To control your mind means to be able to switch off the mind and emotions when you want to. In this article you’ll learn the two ways to achieve the peace and happiness that comes from this.

What does it mean to control your mind?

The mind is really just a sea of thoughts and emotions, so if you’re able to control your mind, or still the mind, then you’ll be able to control your thoughts and your emotions. Then you’ll be happy—you won’t be afraid.

For example, you won’t be afraid of relationships. You won’t be afraid to enter relationships, you won’t be afraid to leave relationships, and you won’t be afraid during relationships.

Fear of relationships is fear of the emotions that can arise. A person might cheat on you, and pain comes through as emotions, but if you’re able to still the mind, that emotion doesn’t come, and you feel free.

If you can control your mind, then during events that normally trigger disturbance, you have a choice to be disturbed by it or to enjoy it.

This is not just in relationships, but through the whole of life. You will not be afraid of a middle age crisis, you will not be afraid of an old age crisis, you will not be afraid of any crisis.

The key to controlling your mind

To control your mind, the key is to increase your awareness. You use awareness to concentrate with one-pointedness. When the mind is concentrated to one point, then you have the mind under control.

‘Control the mind’ is one way to say it, but it is more accurate to say, ‘switch off the mind’, like you switch off a light.

It is awareness that knows where the switch for the mind is, so without awareness you won’t be able to switch the mind off. In other words, you won’t be able to stop the mind when it’s traumatising you with negative emotions.

So, the key is really to increase your awareness.

Using love to control your mind

There are two key methods to increase your awareness. One way is to cultivate love, because when you cultivate love your awareness will increase naturally. To cultivate love means to work at residing in that energy of love.

If you do that completely, you won’t need to try to control your mind—you will be controlling your mind automatically. That means no negative emotions will be able to disturb you. You’ll just switch off negative emotions at will, like you switch off a light.

To cultivate love, practice selfless service and practice wanting to love others—purposefully directing your energy with love. For example, I can sit here and I can direct my energy towards loving everyone in the whole of my town. That’s cultivating love.

Being kind to others awakens the loving nature in us. Thinking good of others awakens love. Listening to stories of compassion, listening to stories of selflessness and kindness and altruism awakens love in us as well—instead of listening to stories of selfishness and violence.

Controlling your mind through meditation

Another way to increase that awareness is through meditation, which is one-pointed concentration.

The mind is like the pendulum of a grandfather clock. It goes left, right, left, right—“I like that person, I hate this person, I like this person, I hate that person.” Or, “I feel good today, I feel bad tomorrow, I feel good today, I feel bad tomorrow.” Like this, constantly.

When we focus our awareness to one point, our mind will stay still at that one point and stop fluctuating. This will immediately calm our mind and emotions.

So, the ability to still the mind means the ability to control our emotions when we want to. And when you’re able to do that, then you say, “I’m able to control my mind.”


So, that’s how you control your mind—by increasing your awareness through cultivating love and through meditation.

This truth is not taught in our system. I went to primary school and high school, and I completed three qualifications at university, but not one teacher ever taught me how to increase my awareness or what the benefits of that are.

If we’re not taught, we don’t know. And if we don’t know how to increase our awareness or how to control our mind, we’ll have suffering, like everybody else.

When we know how to increase our awareness, we have freedom, we have happiness.

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