The Power of Calmness

Living with the Master

Wednesday 3rd of April 2019, Melbourne, VIC Australia.

Have you ever stopped to consider what you truly value? I have, here and there, and what I value now after living with the Master has changed a lot since I first started to ponder this question many decades ago.

Over the course of a life I suppose it’s natural for our values to evolve. I’m sure yours did. For my part, I tended to appreciate the bolder qualities of courage and strength more in my younger years. Then I began to value acceptance more and more as life unfolded and I found I was going to need more than just courage and strength in order to live a beautiful life.

But what I have come to treasure so dearly since living with Sri Avinash and following his example is something I had never even thought twice about before. I didn’t even perceive it as a real value until recently, so easily this can be overlooked.

It is calmness. Just calmness.

It’s so simple. It’s so unassuming, so meek. I had just never really even thought of it as a value before – let alone something worth valuing.

Sri Avinash has said that if you can’t be calm for long, you can’t be happy for long. Now I see the truth in that. He has shared with me how he sees people throwing their calmness away as if it were nothing, “It’s like having a handful of diamonds and throwing them in the rubbish,” he would explain. When I think of myself or others getting overtaken with emotions I can see what he means, it just causes suffering inside and out.

Sri Avinash has shared with me that healing and soothing the heart from the shocks and traumas it has endured throughout life is the most common issue that he addresses in his healing sessions. He explained to me that these shocks and traumas are capable of causing physical damage to our hearts, weakening them over time. Terrible isn’t it, but remaining steadfast in calmness will do much to amend that, he tells me. And you can tell a person with a calm heart, can’t you? They are grounded, open and fearless.

Now I hold calmness on the highest pedestal within my own heart. When I can feel edginess arising within me, I remember that I value calmness above all else. When my patience is tested and I can feel anger arising, I remember I value calmness above all else. And more than remembering it conceptually – I dig deep and really feel my calmness, and try to focus on that until the agitation naturally abates. Now don’t get me wrong, I have far from mastered this but what I can share is the fruits of this practice are sweet and immediate.

The best part? Everyone around me benefits so greatly. If there is tension in a relationship, resting in calmness adds no more of that. If there is anger, sorrow, resentment, expectation – resting in calmness adds no more of that. Basically from my little experience, resting in calmness causes nothing to escalate.

And the product of this? Happiness.


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