Overcoming Problems and Challenges

Letter from Sri Avinash on the 13th of December 2012, Sydney, Australia.

Hi everyone,

I hope you all have been happy and well since the last letter.

For the past year I have spent the bulk of my effort helping others to overcome their life problems and challenges, so that life can be a more joyful experience for them, with less suffering. In this letter, I would like to share a few words about the problems in life and how to overcome them.

The first step to overcoming problems in life is to understand that it is not possible to bring an end to all our problems. The only moment that we can truly bring an end to all our problems is at our last breath of life. The best we can do is live harmoniously with our problems as if they are our friends. When problems become our friends, we can live along side them without fear so the problems will seem like no problems at all.

The secret to facing problems harmoniously is to not take them seriously, and because problems are an integral part of life, we also don’t take life seriously.

Take a look at young children. They never take life seriously, that’s why they are full of vitality and aliveness. The moment that we become light-hearted about all sorts of problems we may be facing in our lives, in that same moment we have conquered them.

Overcoming problems and challenges - double rainbow over the green paddocks in Doon Doon

So what does ‘light-hearted about our problems’ really mean? It means we don’t give our problems much thought. This allows us to relax in the moment, the here and now, where no problems can enter.

The space of ‘here and now’ is like a cave with such small doors that the dinosaurs of thoughts can never enter.

The moment we take our problems seriously the mosquitoes of thoughts will fly in to our space and sanctuary, which makes it difficult for us to lay back and relax and enjoy life. It would be impossible to live in the present moment like children if we go through life with the attitude that we have a binding contract with life, and a term of the contract is, “I have to take life seriously and all my problems seriously”.

A seeker of happiness and harmony will always be on guard to catch those moments where we get caught and drown in our problems, so they can pull that emergency hand brake to slow the vehicle of our mind to a halt. This way, peace and happiness can be experienced in the midst of our whirling problems.

Overcoming problems and challenges - Sri Avinash Do laughing in joy

I say be courageous and stop taking life so seriously and our problems will disappear tomorrow. What remains is the experience of the present moment of fun and laughter.

The day will come when every man and woman will realize that the “here and now” is all we’ve got, it’s our only true asset, the rest is a liability.

I would also like to take this opportunity to wish you all a safe and beautiful festive season, and to share many heartfelt thanks to all those that have given your time and support to our work and service for the benefit of others.

With much love
Sri Avinash

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