Article: A door to the infinite
Article: A door to the infinite

The door to the Infinite

Living with the Master

It was one of those magical evenings. The scent of eucalyptus trees was wafting in through the open windows. That warm summer night, a group of us close disciples were up past our bedtime eager to hear every thought and feeling that our Master was sharing. 

He spoke longer and more intimately than usual about his own life that night, effortlessly capturing our hearts as he did. He has an uncanny ability to get us all on his wavelength and take us on a journey deep into his heart and I could feel my own heart swell and expand as I followed his every word, soaking in the love and purity of his expression. Sensing this, Sri Avinash let us all in on a divine secret.

“To feel my feelings,” Sri Avinash began, “is a direct portal to the Source, to God.” 

Our eyes widened. A few people let out an almost inaudible gasp. One thing was for sure, you could feel everyone’s heart lighting up upon this revelation and we all leaned in closer to catch what came next. 

“When you feel how I feel,” Sri Avinash continued, “you feel how the Supreme Consciousness feels because I am one with that.” 

Upon hearing that, something clicked in me and the Divine felt closer than ever. All of a sudden, ‘God’s heart’ wasn’t a far-away place that I didn’t have the address for. All of a sudden the Supreme Consciousness wasn’t somewhere beyond my reach, beyond my knowing or something I couldn’t directly feel or connect with. And it became crystal clear to me how tuning into the Master was in fact the key that unlocked the door to divinity—a direct shortcut to the Infinite. 

It was so simple, so beautiful.

I think all of us gathered there with Sri Avinash on that special night were profoundly changed by this new understanding. It all made so much sense as once again Sri Avinash delivered us straight into the hands of God with his love and wisdom.

Devika Visintin