Article: Infinite Being, You Are
Article: Infinite Being, You Are

The Infinite Being, You Are

Living with the Master

Being close to Sri Avinash, you hear some extraordinary things. I am not just talking about the heart-expanding wisdom he shares, although it is true that living with the Master there is plenty of that. No, I am talking about the extraordinary things that we hear as he simply expresses himself. Just his natural expression is extraordinary. 

The way he thinks about things, his attitude, his choices and above all how he feels is so different from how we are used to hearing people express themselves. For example, he never looks at a person as anything less than perfect. Even if how they are behaving is not ideal, he will tell us that all he sees is a saint in the making. He truly believes—knows—that we are all saints in the making. Every single one of us.

Being around a person like that has really changed my perspective in a most positive way, filling me with the courage to see others and myself in such a light. 

I am always struck by his purity and innocence, his endurance and surrender. It is almost a surprise to see just how good he is—just how good-hearted a person can be.

It is not uncommon to be moved to tears by the depth of beauty that resides in his heart. When you hear him speak about his love of humanity and when you hear him share his journey to Enlightenment that was full of yearning and tears to live a life of sacrifice and service, oh, it just melts your heart. 

“The amount of love that I have is not just enough to engulf this planet,” Sri Avinash shared as he entered the room, “but also the whole universe.” Sri Avinash expressed that to me just now, literally just then as I am here writing this story. See what I mean? His heart is so full of love that it endlessly overflows from the depths of his being. This is his extraordinary ordinary natural expression.

To live with a being that is so ordinary in many ways but extraordinary at the same time is such an amazing blessing. It naturally day by day helps me to expand my horizon and increase my faith that an ordinary being like myself truly has infinite possibilities.

Devika Visintin

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