The Wonderful Being Practice

Five steps to transform your life

Sri Avinash’s Wonderful Being daily practice offers 5 steps to transform your life in every way—and they are so simple and easy to use!

Improve inner peace, health and happiness in no time at all with these beautiful practices that will see you blossom into the wonderful being that you truly are.

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Free Sleep Meditation Videos, Articles, Audios + More

Free Sleep Meditation Videos, Audios + More

Use these healing guided meditations for sleep so you can experience the ease of falling to sleep naturally once again. In this post:

  • Master Healer Sri Avinash explains with profound simplicity why so many of us can’t sleep.

  • Learn how to change that in your own life, using our top 5 transformational sleep meditation tools.

  • These guided sleep meditations will actually benefit every aspect of your life, because it’s all connected.