How to Live in Happiness, Peace and Truth

Satsang with Sri Avinash.


If you were asked to give advice to all people on how to live in happiness, peace and harmony, and according to the principles of truth, what would be your guidance?

Iwould say if a person wants to be happy, to be peaceful, to live based on truth, they would need to understand one thing—the mind. Because it’s the mind that is stopping peace, is stopping happiness.

When somebody dies from cancer, the cause is the mutation of a cell. That mutated cell will cause other cells to mutate, and it keeps on spreading until it reaches a major organ, causing death of the body. So one needs to understand the cause of cancer as the mutation of the cells in a dysfunctional way, and you want to stop the thing that causes the cell to mutate. But the scientists haven’t worked out what that is yet.

Well fortunately, the things that cause unhappiness and non-peace in a person’s life have been worked out. And that’s called the cancer of the mind. So if a person wants to get rid of the unhappiness or non-peace in their life, then they will look at understanding their mind. They’ll spend all their energy, their whole heart, their driving force, their vitality, to try to understand their own mind—in the same way that millions  of dollars a year are spent on researching the cause of cancer, and trying to stop the cell mutating. So it’s a lot of effort, it’s not a five dollar thing. It is a whole-hearted effort.

When we sincerely study our own mind, we’ll be watching our own reaction to all of life’s challenges, to see how we handle them. We’ll be studying, “Why am I reacting in that way? What can I do to stop reacting in that way?”

Happiness, peace and truth - Sri Avinash Do on the Satsang Peetham, Self-Realization Ashram Australia

If you are a seeker of truth, you will do everything you can to understand your own mind. You will spend extra energy to understand your own mind, you will be watching it constantly. Naturally, you will realise, “My God, there’s this mind that causes me constant trouble here, there, here, there, whenever it likes, and I’ve got no idea how to stop it.”

So in these modern days, a sincere seeker will do some research—perhaps through Google search! They will search, “How to master my mind,” or, “What is the mind.” And all sorts of things come up—YouTube clips and book titles. They might go to YouTube and watch a few videos. Some will explain about the mind, they watch it, they like it, but they may still not truly understand it. Because true understanding can always be applied.

For example, I bought a motor the other day to put on a bicycle, and the instruction says, “It can take two hours.”  Well it took me three days, and it’s still not going. I watched YouTube, I read the instructions, but I can’t apply what I learned. So the conclusion is, “I don’t know how to put the motor on the bicycle, I don’t understand it very well. I’m trying my best, but I don’t understand it very well.” That’s the conclusion. So the seeker will come to realise, “My God, all this research, all this book reading, all the video watching and poetry writing, but I can’t apply it.”

So a sincere seeker will move to the next step. They will realise, “I’ve done everything I can to understand the mind, but I can’t work it out.” Why is that? Because the mind can’t understand the mind. Only the heart can understand the mind, only love can understand the mind. Only a mother cow can understand the calf, her baby. No farmer can understand the calf the way the mother understands her calf. Why is that? Because the mother cow loves the calf with all her heart. And it is that love that understands the mind.

Happiness, Peace and Truth - Lakshmi just after giving birth to Amrit. Baby bull Yama looks on at his new family member. Self-Realization Ashram Australia

The seeker will also come to realize that, “I can’t do it alone. I need help.” They will need the guidance of a Satguru, a true Master, to help them master their mind. Like the saying goes, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” If the spiritual seeker wants to understand their mind and their heart, and they search sincerely, they will find a Spiritual Master or the Master will find them.

Ancient scriptures say to meet a Satguru is a great blessing. To live with the Guru and be trained by them is the greatest blessing a person can have in their life. When a seeker has done enough searching to try to understand their own mind, their own heart, then when they do find a true Spiritual Master, their heart will naturally open towards the Master.

When the heart opens towards a Spiritual Master, the feeling of surrender will arise. The student will feel, “I’ve done everything I can to understand my own heart and I still don’t know. I surrender, I give up trying to work it out myself.” As soon as that point comes, the heart will open and surrender, and refuge naturally takes place. They’re going to feel, “This is so easy. It’s not tiring, because I don’t have to try to work it all out myself.” They will be able to understand their mind—how their mind works, when it kicks in, when it switches off, where the button is to switch it off. They will work out the true cause of suffering and how to end it. And when their Master communicates with them, it will be a heart-to-heart understanding. It will not be mind-to-mind. It’s truly a magical process.

So, that’s how a person becomes happy, that’s how a person becomes peaceful.

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